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Gora Juggling Fire Sword
Renegade Juggling Torch
Gora Fire Hoop 5 or 6 Wicks
Play Perfect Hoop Naked 16mm and 20mm
Wicked Fire Fan Set Round Grip
Gora Folding Fire Fans
Kaos Fire Fan Set
Gora SwingingTorch/Staff
Poison Fire Fan Set
Renegade Swinging Torch
Lotus and Tulip Fans
Gora Fire Flowerstick
Kaos, Poison and Venom Fan Replacement Wick
Play Hydra Fire Flowerstick
Fire Devil Stick
Fire Eating Wand
Contact Poi 80mm, 90mm, 100mm
Glow Poi
Glow Poi K-8 iPoi RGB-IR
Wood Fire Staff
Concentrate Breakdown Fire Staff
Fire Transfer Wand
Concentrate Breakdown Staff Center (ON SALE)
Fire Wands
Fire Chain Poi
Gora Dragon Staff Collapsable
Play Fire Chain Poi
Play Fire Chain Poi Round Knob
Fyrefli Fire Diabolo
Fire Cable Poi
Renegade Flag Poi
Ball Meteor (RdL) Renegadesignlab
Chinese Water Bowl Meteor
Fire Snakes
Weight Edge Flag Poi
Contact Fire Ball
Fire Ball
Fire Retardant Cloth
Gora Breakdown Contact Fire Staff
Fire Meteors
Fire Ring 1/2" X 19"
Gora Acrobatic Contact Staff
Gora Fire Sword
Gora Lycopodium Powder
Gora Stage Lamp
Hand lamp
Gora Dragon Staff Cuffs
S-Staff LED with Fiber Optics
Gora Fire Prop Bags
Fire Dance Torch
Fire Jump-Rope
Gora Chaos Fire Devil Stick
Gora Fire fly
Gora Hand Candle Set
Blazing Star Fire Hand Hoop
Gora Fire Nunchucks
LED Poi Head
Fire Baton
Renegade Fire Rope Dart
Hand Sticks Fiberglass/Silicone
Radfactor Hand Sticks Carbon Silicone
Blaze Balls 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 inch and Cathedral Wicks Heads
Safety Glasses
Contact Juggling Part 1 and Part 2 DVD
LED silicone contact poi knob
Fire Hoop Wick Heads
Partner Poi
Poi Spinning, Focus on Transitions
Poi Loop grip with swivel
Poi Technique
Poi Groove Basics
Silicone contact poi knob
Poi Spinning Basics with Pele's Element
Scales of Poi
Fire Fan Evolution DVD
Dance Hoop
Gora Fire Wings
Staff Groove Basics DVD
Gora Jugging Staff
Fire All Stars
Gora Charcoal Rope Dart
Silicone poi knobs with swivel
Gora Magnetic Pendulum, Fire X Staff
Swivels with split rings (size 8 bearing swivel)
Fire Eating by Benjamin Garth
Gora Fire LeviStick
Meteor Instruction Book
Poi Spinning by Michal Kahn and Welcome to the World of Poi by Klaus Scheuermann
Swivels with welded rings (size 8 bearing swivel)
Gora Full Lenght Fire LeviStick
Gora Practice LeviStick
Hoop Moves, Isolations
Hoopgirl Hoopdance for Beginners
Bull Whips five foot and six foot
Gora Fire Top Hat
Gora Fire Arm Braces
Gora Fire Crown
Contact Staff DVD
Gora Folding Fire Umbrella
Gora Contact Sword (counter weighted)
Gora Dragon Staff Removable Spins
Gora Practice Contact Staff ( fixed or breakdown )
Gora Dragon Staff with Removable Cuffs
Gora Baby Dragon Staffs
Gora Carbon Fire Staff
Gora Contact Fire Staff
Aluminum Fire Staff 3-6 feet

Fire Dance and Flow Arts


Fire juggling, fire manipulation, and fire dancing are some of the most innovative performance arts that have evolved over the last 10 years. Its popularity and development can be tied to the Burning Man Festival, which started to be a larger event in 1997. By around 2005, we started to see large growth in fire performers and many new types of fire props, like contact staffs, dragon staffs, fire darts, fire whips, fire snakes, fire hoops and a variety of other fire performance props.


The advent of “flow arts” is a subsequent offshoot of fire dancing and performances. More isolation and symmetrical manipulation evolved using props like buugeng, contact poi, contact staffs, hoops and 8 rings, where the prop is mostly manipulated, and not thrown, with your hands or on your body. Most of these movements are based on club swinging, (Indian club swinging circa 1800-1900) which have been adapted to other shapes and often combined with isolating a given prop.


Modern hooping is a good example of a flow arts form, that blends traditional hula hooping with club swinging moves, acrobatics, juggling, hoop rolling, isolation and dance. 


Renegade offers a full range of fire and flow arts props, with many of our juggling products also crossing over into this category of flow arts.