Hollow Juggling Rings

juggling ring
Renegade Passing Rings 1.0" x 14"
rings for juggling
Renegade Solo Rings 1/2" x 14"
big juggling rings
Renegade Large Solo 1/2" x 15"
glow ring
Hollow LED Ring 1/2" x 14"

Hollow Juggling Rings

Renegade Juggling was the first company to make hollow rings for juggling, with the first model being the Passing Ring, which came out in 1992. At the time, juggling rings where only made of solid plastic (flat rings). They were mostly used for numbers juggling, where 3-4 rings are held in one hand between your fingers, so the rings needed to be very thin.

Our first hollow ring was designed for ring passing, which the flat ring was not well suited for. It was so much fun to juggle without hurting your hands that we quickly made three more models.

  • Passing ring (1 inch x 14 inch;): very good for ring passing, ring bouncing or learning to juggle 3-4 rings.
  • Solo ring (1/2 inch x 14 inch): sized for beginner solo juggles of 3-5 rings.
  • Large solo ring (1/2 inch x 15 inch): a nice ring for taller adults wanting to learn moves with 3-5 rings.
  • Stage ring (1/2 inch x19 inch): a very big ring made for on-stage ring passing as well as leg and arm ring spinning.

Pro tips (advanced and intermediate ring jugglers)

When passing rings, the most common error is that, on a missed catch, the ring goes past your hand and ends up on your wrist or forearm. The best way to correct this is to learn a quick drop move. You drop your hand so that it points to the ground and let the ring fall into your hand. With practice, this move can help you avoid drops from a missed catch.

All rings of any kind, including relatively heavy ones like passing rings, are greatly affected by the wind. The best way to deal with this situation is to juggle directly into the wind, which will reduce the movement of the rings. A side wind will just about make ring juggling impossible.