Fire Fans

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Fire Fans


Fire fans are a very good first prop for people interested in fire dancing. One fan is held in each hand and can be used in many styles of dancing. Fire fans started as a belly dancing prop, but expanded to other styles of dance. There are now many different types of fan grips and configurations.


Renegade has wide selection of fans. When selecting your first fan, key factors you should consider are how big it is and how much it weighs. Manipulating a fan is not as easy as it looks, especially considering that all fans are quite heavy when fueled and burning. The tulip is a good beginner fan, as it is light weight and it not to big overall.


Pro tips (intermediate to advanced)


 For more advanced fire fan dancers, a round grip fan offers a wider range of tricks. The Round Grip Wicked has a circular grip, so you manipulate the fan like a small isolation ring.

The folding fan is another more advanced style of fire fan where the fan can be opened and closed while burning. A lot of performers like this style of fan as you can transition from more of a poi swing movement style to fan movements when it is opened.