Fire Fan Arc Round Grip

Fire dance Fan
Fire dance Fan

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Fire dance Fan
Fire dance Fan

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Fire Fan Arc Round Grip

New lIght weight fire fan with riveted wicks (12 inch x 2 inch wicks). Burn time 4-5 min. Manipulation ring 3.5 inch inside diameter. Powder coated. With three interal finger rings for center of off center spinning.

Whether you use Fire Fans for the slow, posed moves and silhouettes, faster spinning moves or poi weaves. This fan has a nice round grip for isolation type movements.


Fire Fan Arc Round Grip
height 15.5 inch (39.5cm)
width 22 inch (61)
weight 12.6 ounce (350 grams)
kevlar blended wick size 2 inch X 12
wire diameter (3mm)
wicks riveted
manipulation ring 3.5 inch inside diameter
black powder coated paint

Use lamp oil or white gas. Lamp oil burns at a much lower temperature.
Always shake out excess fuel before you light up.
Have adequate safety personnel and procedures in place before lighting.

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