LED juggling clubs

Glow Club (LED)
Glow Club K-8 Prophecy RGB-IR

LED juggling clubs


LED Juggling Clubs, are a nice effect for juggling shows where fire juggling is not permitted. They are very popular in circus and clowning performances, as well as juggling acts.


• Play prima club with a battery operated light in each end, is price at a more affordable level, and you can pick the color of light in each end.


• K8 glow club K-8 Prophecy RGB-IR. This is a rechargeable club that has a infra-red remote that changes the colors and color patterns. The clubs many light setting to choose from on the remote control.


• Lightix juggling stick, this is completely programable pixelated LED juggling stick, not the best handing for juggling, but offers incredible music/light or light patterns that you can synchronize to a sound track.