Gora and Renegade Fire Equipment

juggling torch
Gora Juggling Fire Sword
fire dancing hoop
Gora Fire Hoop 5 or 6 Wicks
fire dancing equipment
Gora Folding Fire Fans
Twister Fire Fan
Twister Fire Fan
fire dancing flower stick
Gora Fire Flowerstick
fire dancing wand
Gora Fire Eating Wand
fire performance stick
Gora Fire Transfer Wand
fire hand torch
Fire Wands
fire dancing staff
Gora Dragon Staff Collapsible
contact fire dance stick
Gora Breakdown Contact Fire Staff
Fire performance staff
Gora Acrobatic Contact Staff
Fire Blade
Gora Fire Sword
gora fire swords
Gora Magnetic Fire Sword/Staff
double staff
Gora Thai Fire Staff
Renegade Lycopodium Powder and Lyco-Sword
Renegade Lycopodium Powder and Lyco-Sword
Lycopodium Powder, Swinger or short Cane
Renegade Lycopodium Powder, Swinging Torch or Short Cane
touchers for acrobatics
Gora Body Torch Set
fire dancing equipment
Gora Fire fly
fire dancing candles
Gora Hand Candle Set
magic flame lighter
Gora Palm Lighter (pair)
fire dancing wand
Gora Fire Nunchucks
fire torch and staff
Gora Magnetic SwingingTorch/Staff
fire dancing dress
Gora Fire Wings
Renegade Juggling Fire Staff
Renegade Juggling Fire Staff
fire dance lash
Gora Fire Whips 1.5 meter
fire cross gora
Gora Chaos Fire Devil Stick
gora magnetic cross
Gora Magnetic Pendulum, Fire X Staff
rope dart and levi stick
Gora Fire Boomerang Staff
Gora Fire LeviStick
Full length LeviStick
Gora Full Length Fire LeviStick
practice levistick
Gora Practice LeviStick
fire lamp
Gora Stage Lamp
fire dance hat
Gora Fire Top Hat
fire dancing protection
Gora Fire Arm Braces
fire queen
Gora Fire Crown
fire dancing equipment
Gora Folding Fire Umbrella
fire dancing cuffs
Gora Dragon Staff Cuffs
fire sword contact
Gora Contact Sword (counter weighted)
Gora Dragon Staff Removable Spins
Gora Dragon Staff Removable Spins
Gora Practice Contact Staff (fixed or breakdown)
Gora Practice Contact Staff (fixed or breakdown)
small fire dancing staff
Gora Baby Dragon Staff
fire twirling stick
Gora Carbon Fire Staff
fire art sticks
Gora Contact Fire Staff
fire dancing staff
Gora Dragon Staff with Removable Cuffs
fire safety
Fire Retardant Cloth
grip tape for fire props
Staff Grip Tape
carrying bag
Gora Fire Prop Bags
Contact Staff DVD
Contact Staff DVD

Gora and Reneage Fire Equipment

Renegade Juggling now offers a full line of Gora fire equipment. We really like this product line as they use innovative technologies and materials to create a wide range of fire equipment. Gora created the dragon staff in 2004 and was as the forefront of development in using a staff with a lot of body contact, thus representing a cross-over from contact juggling.

  • Gora tries to find the balance between lightness (good handling and weight balance) and strength (to be durable and safe) at a reasonable price.
  • A leader in fire arts, Gora has invented many common props, like the Dragon Staff, Fire Flies, Fire Umbrellas, Contact Sword and many other fire props. Many of their original concepts and manufacturing techniques have been copied by other producers.
  • Gora products are made in Hungary, so we try to keep all their product in stock at all times, but if you see a product that is out of stock, please contact us and we will notify you when more is coming.

Pro tips (intermediate to advanced fire dancers)

Some of the Gora props are made for very advanced players. A high skill level is required to master them. The contact sword is a good example. You need to be very proficient with contact staffs to be able to use a counter-weighted contact sword. The cross-devil stick, magnetic cross, tossing fire staff and dragon staff are very difficult use in a properly controlled manner. Others, like the charcoal fire dart, are also very dangerous.