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Gora Fire Hoop 5 or 6 Wicks
dancing hoops
Play Perfect Hoop Naked 16mm and 20mm
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Lightrix DMX RF Box
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Blazing Star Fire Hand Hoop
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Play Training Isolation hoop
Fire Hoop Wick Heads
Fire Hoop Wick Heads
Dance Hoop
Dance Hoop
Hoop Moves, Isolations
Hoop Moves, Isolations
Hoopgirl Hoopdance for Beginners
Hoopgirl Hoopdance for Beginners
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Fire Retardant Cloth
Fire All Stars
Fire All Stars

Dance Hoops

Hooping has really changed over the last 10 years, evolving from a toy, to a workout device and on to an art form. Now hoop dancers perform complicated choreography with multiple hoops to music. We offer a selection of hoops depending on your use. In general, a bigger hoop is easier to learn, but to do advanced tricks you need a smaller, lightweight hoop.

  • Exercise hoop are thicker at one inch in diameter. They are made from thicker diameter tubing to give the hoop more weight. This is ideal to learn basic hooping and get a workout.
  • Dance hoops are a much lighter hoop and they come in much smaller diameters, from 30” to 38”. They come in two tubing widths: 16mm and 20mm.
  • LED Hoop are fully programable where you can program the LEDs to be synchronized to music using a laptop or iPad to program them. They can also be operated using a smartphone app.
  • Fire Hoops have wicks at the end of the spine that you light on fire. This hoop needs to be as light as possible. We have two types of fire hoops: removable wick spins that you attach to a normal hoop and specially made hoops where the spine screw directly into the hoop tubing.

Pro tips (intermediate to advanced hoop dancer)

Removable fire wick heads for hoops is a good way to go. The wick spins are now really light weight and easy to attach. You can transform one of your old hoops into a fire hoop. After that one gets dirty and burnt, you can recycle the spins on another older hoop.