Flat Juggling Rings

number juggling ring
Renegade Flat Ring 32cm
juggling ring
Babache Flat Ring 32cm
5 ring juggling
Play Fluor Flat Ring 32cm
little juggling ring
Play Pastel Flat Ring 24cm
large flat juggling ring
Babache Flat Ring 40cm
color change juggling ring
Half Holographic Rings 40cm
painted jugglng rings
Babache Zebra Flat Ring 32cm
flat spin ring
Renegade Arm and Leg Spinning Ring
juggling ring
Renegade d-Ring
juggling ring
Renegade Dodecagon Ring
juggling ring shapes
Renegade Inner Pentagon Ring
Renegade Nano rings
Renegade Nano rings
juggling ring shapes
Renegade Octagon Ring
hoop rolling
Vintage Rolling Hoops
juggling ring shape
Renegade d+Ring
square juggling rings
Solid Triangle, Square, Circle Rings

Flat Juggling Rings

Flat rings are made of solid plastic and are primarily made for numbers juggling (more than 5 rings). Their relative thinness allows you to hold them between your fingers, so you can have as many as four rings in your hand. A thin ring also has less chance of hitting on edge.

Flat rings are also used for contemporary ring juggling styles, where balancing, stacking, body tricks and on-body manipulation are involved.However, these rings are harder on your hands. Flat rings are for intermediate to advanced jugglers.

  • The 32-mm flat ring is the most common size and is used for 3- to 9-ring juggling.
  • The 40-mm size is intended for up to 5 rings and is more visible on stage.
  • Flat rings made in special shapes like triangles, squares, hexagons and other odd shapes are for avant-garde juggling styles.

Pro tips (advanced and intermediate ring jugglers)

With flat rings the catch point on your hand is very important. Many jugglers catch the ring in-between their thumb and pointing finger (the web space between your thumb and index finger). This is an incorrect catch and will hurt your hands over time. The catch point should be the palm side of the pointing finger knuckle. Advanced ring jugglers will develop a callous on their hand at this contact point to protect it.