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Juggling Rings

We offer two styles of juggling rings, namely hollow or flat solid plastic rings. The hollow rings come in two thicknesses: 1 inch or 1/2 inch thick. The flat rings only come in a 1/8- or 3/16-inch thickness and have a solid structure.

The flat rings are good for numbers juggling (more than 5 rings). Their relative thinness allows you to hold it between your fingers, so you can have as many as 4 rings in your hand. This thinner ring also has less chance of hitting on edge at the top of the pattern. However, these rings are harder on your hands to catch than hollow rings. The flat rings come in solid colors, or they may be two-sided with a different color on each side (also known as color-change rings). Holographic rings have laminated decorations on one side, while color-change rings are painted white on one side.

Renegade hollow rings are the best for teaching ring juggling or learning how to juggle rings because they are easier on your hands than flat rings. They come in four sizes: 1" X 14" passing rings, 1/2" x 14" solo rings, 1/2" x 15" large solo rings, and 1/2" x 19" stage rings. The 14” passing or solo ring is the best for beginners getting into ring juggling. The hollow rings also bounce very well and this trick can be used when passing rings.