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Flower Sticks and Devil Sticks 


Flower sticks are good props for circus camps or school juggling programs. We offer several models that are good for beginner to expert players. Devil sticks are similar to the flower stick without the tassels at the end of the stick. These tassels slow down the speed at which the stick moves, so that it is easier to learn compared to a devil stick.


• Flower Sticks come in several models good for beginner to expert players. The all-silicone flower sticks and hand sticks are good for school programs, as you can clean them with soap and water.


• Devil Sticks are the same concept as flower sticks only much faster. They were developed first and then followed by flower sticks, which made the prop easier to use.


• Carbon Silicone Hand Sticks are made in Japan for the serious devil stick or flower stick player.


Pro tips (advanced and intermediate players)


The main factor when choosing your flower sticks is the length. The shorter Wizards sticks are much faster and handle better for advanced tricks. Among the brands, one key difference relates to the ability of catching the flower stick at the shaft and leather end connection. You should clean the hand sticks and shafts with isopropyl alcohol on a regular basis to keep them sticky. Over time, the stickiness will be lost, and the best solution is to cover the shaft with silicone tape.