Renegade Devil Stick Rock Maple (advanced stick)

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Rock Maple Devil Stick

The Rock Maple Renegade Devil Stick is precision made out of kiln dried wood, with a smooth lacquer finish. End caps are glued on and made of ground EVA rubber. The EVA end is permanently attached to stick, which is made with a step construction, so it cannot come off. The sticks are absolutely straight with no warpage. The dimensions total length and taper are perfect for devil sticking.

For the best results this stick should be used with high quality hand sticks, the best being carbon fiber sticks which are made with very sticky Japanese silicone tubing. The carbon fiber stick is very stiff without any flex.

If you are mostly familiar with flower sticks, the devil stick was the precursor. It has much faster action and makes a very distinct sound when hit. It give the performance a rhythmic drum beat effect. Because of this devil stick where in the past call rhythm sticks. Devil stick used to be very popular in the USA during the 1980-1990, and where sold at all Grateful Dead concert flea markets. It is harder to learn than a flower stick, but when mastered it more rewarding than a flower stick, both in complexity of trick possible and variations of sounds it can make.

  • Made from vertical grain Rock Maple, grown in Main USA
  • The ends are made from ground EVA rubber wich is hot glued to the end of the Devil stick
  • The proportions of the Devil stick in length and tapper are perfect for technical tricks
  • A lacquer finish works very well with high both the carbon, fiberglass of wood Renegade Handsticks
  • Orders of multiple devil stick are match weight within one gram
  • The rock maple stick has a loud sound, much sharper than many of other woods

devil stick
length 27.25 inches (69 cm)
width at middle 5/8 inch (2..5cm) end 1 3/8 ( 3.5cm
weight 220-235 grams
kind dried rock maple wood
Renegade, handmade in USA

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