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Welcome to the world of Renegade Juggling! (yes we are open)

Founded in 1981, Renegade Juggling was launched by professional jugglers to supply jugglers around the world with the best equipment for their performances. We manufacture our top-of-the-line products based on the knowledge we have acquired after decades of involvement in this art form.

We have an in-depth understanding of all the variables that affect an item’s feel and performance. Accordingly, we are able to offer a wide range of equipment for all skill levels, from standard sets geared toward beginners to custom-tailored, specific props for advanced performers and professionals. Best of all, we enjoy talking to our customers. You may have a very general question or one that pertains to a minute but extremely critical detail. Call us because we are here to help! Remember, when you buy our products, you can count on reliable, flawless equipment. Whether you are new to juggling or performing at a sold-out event, we want to make your show great!

Juggling Club Product line 

  • Renegade Clubs, Fat Head, Flat head, 105mm, 95mm, 85mm, 75mm, Holy Club, Cup Head
  • Play Cubs, Sirius PX3, Vegas PX3, Quantum PX3, Sirius PX4, Vegas PX4, Quantum PX4, Prima
  • Henrys Clubs, Pirouette Training, Pirouette, Pirouette Circus, Pirouette Europ, Pirouette Grip, Delphin, Loop, Loop Grip, Albatros Training, Albatros Cricus, Albatros Whale, Albatros Europ, Classic Training, Classic Circus, Classic Short, Classic Europ

Besides clubs, Renegade has a complete selection of juggling props, hats, fire torches, juggling rings, juggling balls, shaker cups, spinning plates and diabolos. We also specialize in contact juggling and hat manipulation to offer the best props available.

Renegade has a complete line of fire dance and fire performance equipment, including: fire poi, fire staff, fire fans, fire jump-ropes, fire hoops and other flow arts props.


specials & new arrivals
Things on String contact poi 101mm
Things on String contact poi 95mm
Spider Slacklines White Line 15m, Training Line 18m
Renegade Logo Sticker
Spider Fly Line 25m, 35m and 50m
Taiwanese Wide Axle Diabolo
Printed PU Beanbag Six Panel (72mm, 140 grams)
Diabolo Whip Trick Stick and String
Deos and Babache Diabolo String
Will Roya Diabolo Instructional DVD
Beard DX Filled Stage Ball (69 mm, 140 grams)

The 95-mm Px4 Hybrid, is our latest evolution of the Play-Renegade combination club. It features the Play Juggling Evo smooth grip handle and fiberglass Px4 dowel. These parts are combined with the quintessential Renegade 95mm body, flat cap and flat-bottom knob. This club is 19.5 inches (49.5 cm) long and weighs 221 grams. Its shorter length (faster spin) and wide body (greater visibility) are well-suited for club passing. The body is blow-molded and weighs 90 grams, which makes it five grams heavier than a Play Sirius or Quantum, body. These clubs come with injection-molded knobs and caps manufactured by Play Juggling.

Several variations of the club can be special-ordered. A lightweight option can reduce the club weight from 221 grams to 211 grams. This reduction is achieved by making the clubs with Renegade glue-on crepe rubber caps and knobs, in place of screw-on, injection-molded parts. The other option is to make the club with Px3 instead of Px4 fiberglass dowels. Some jugglers prefer flexible plastic dowels over stiffer fiberglass ones. The Px3 doweled club weighs 225 grams. All models are available in nine body colors with white handles. Center rings, knobs and caps can be ordered in white or black.

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LighTrix is the leading electronic LED prop maker. Renegade Juggling and LighTrix are co-developing many new exciting LED props. Currently, we offer pixel poi, pixel hoops, pixel staffs, pixel dragon staffs, and pixel juggling sticks. Juggling balls and clubs are in the testing phase and will be ready for sale soon. With a pixelated LED prop, you can program each individual LED to produce images or photos when the prop is spun, twirled or thrown.

LighTrix products all run on the same software system. It enables you to synchronize the LED lights to your music, in a way that is very similar to how video and audio are edited together (e.g., iMovie). The software editor works on both Mac and Window operating systems. With this editor, you can import your own photographs or use the large database of photos and light images that come pre-loaded with the software. One very cool feature is that you can play the program from any point in time. For example, in rehearsals you can practice problem sequences without having to run through the whole program from the start.

You can control your program either with a handheld wifi fob or with the LighTrix app on your smart phone, tablet or laptop. This wifi-based app lets you run your program from the theater lighting board, whether it is off- or on-stage. LighTrix offers a DMX conversion box to convert the prop’s wifi signals into DMX radio frequencies. With this converter, the remote fob, smartphone, tablet or laptop connects directly to the theater’s DMX lighting channels.

Juggling balls come in various sizes. Jugglers select the correct size based on the number of balls they plan to juggle and the dimension of their hands. Most juggling balls are made in metric sizes. This adds some complexity in making the right choice, since we are more accustomed to measurements in inches rather than millimeters. The diagram above shows hand length from your wrist to the tip of your fingers, and the depicted ball size represents what you should be able to hold comfortably. Click here to learn more about how to select a juggling ball size.