Play Juggling PX3 & PX4

PX4 Sirius
PX3 Sirius
PX4 Quantum
PX3 Quantum
PX4 Vegas
PX3 Vegas
PX4 Sirius Short Handle (19.25 inch)
Play Prima One Piece Club
Play Club Parts Quantum Px3 and Px4
Play Club Parts Sirius Px3 and Px4
Play Club Parts Vegas Px3 and Px4

PX3 and PX4 Play Juggling Clubs


Play Juggling, an Italian juggling manufacturer, offers five models of clubs. Based on either the Px3 (plastic dowel) or Px4 (fiberglass dowel), the clubs are all custom made for you at the Renegade Juggling workshop. These clubs are known for their modern color schemes and wide variety of parts-related options. All models were re-designed in 2016-17.


• PX3 Sirius club: a mid-sized club, made with a tube handle and screw-on knobs and caps. The plastic dowel imparts some flex in the club and makes for a soft feel.


• PX4 Sirius club: same design as the Px3, only made with a fiberglass dowel. This dowel has a very stiff feel and juggles more like a wood dowel club.


• PX3 Quantum club: with a body that is about one inch longer than the sirius model, this club has a slightly different spin. This club differs from the others with its longer body and shorter handle.


• PX4 Quantum club: same design as the Px3, only made with a fiberglass dowel. This dowel has a very stiff feel, and juggles more like a wood-dowel club. 


• Vegas club: comes with either a fiberglass or plastic dowel. It features a sirius club body that is decorated with electrostatic plating.


Pro tips (advanced and intermediate players)


If you have juggled with clubs frequently, the type of clubs you have become accustomed to will always feel better than when switching to another club size, weight, or construction. The dowel of the club has a major effect on how the club feels. A plastic dowel is much more flexible that wood. Wood is slightly more flexible than fiberglass, which is the stiffest of the three. 


Which one is better is disputed by all jugglers. Each type has its pros and cons. Plastic dowels give the clubs more flex, are softer on your hands and do not break. However, they can change in stiffness depending on temperature. In most cases, a juggler accustomed to wood dowel does not like the flex of plastic. Wood dowels can break more easily and always change weight over time, but they do have a very nice, solid, flex-free feel. Fiberglass dowels have very good durability like plastic, but with no flex. However, they are so stiff that they are prone to slight vibrations. Ultimately, picking the right dowel for you is very subjective. When all is said and done, you usually like what you have used the most.