Bounce Balls

Bounce balls for juggling
Play G-Force Bounce Ball (50 mm, 74 grams)
bounce balls for juggling
Play G-Force Bounce Ball (60mm, 121 grams)
high bounce juggling ball
Play G-Force Bounce Ball (64mm, 151 grams)
floor bounce juggling ball
Play G-Force Bounce Ball (70mm, 190 grams)
colored silicone balls for juggling
Silicone Ball 61mm, 64mm & 70mm
White Silicone Contact Ball 100mm
White Silicone Contact Ball 100mm
head bounce ball for juggling
Radfactor Head bounce ball (150mm, 263 grams)
learn bounce juggling instructional DVD
Ball Bounce DVD with Paul Bachman
Jugglng ball storage bag
Draw String Juggling Ball Bag

Bounce Juggling Balls

Bounce balls are specially made for juggling when the juggling pattern involves bouncing the ball off the floor. A bounce ball needs to have a high enough bounce to keep the pattern going. There are two kinds, which are either made of silicone or compressed rubber. These type of balls roll when dropped and will bounce off each in a midair collision, so they are better suited for just bounce juggling.

  • Play G-force balls are made of compressed rubber. Their bounce is about the same as that of silicone balls, at a much lower cost.
  • Silicone Balls do not get dirty or stained, and they have a very nice soft feel with vivid colors. Overall, it is a better bounce juggling ball, although it is more expensive.
  • Head Bounce Balls are made to bounce off your forehead while juggling and are very good for controlling your body posture while juggling.

Pro tips (advanced and intermediate juggler)

The quality of compressed rubber bounce balls has improved over the years. The quality of the new compressed rubber bounce balls is better than the original rubber ones with the swirled colors . This improved quality has made the difference between a silicone bounce ball and compressed rubber ball much less. The only advantages silicone balls have over compressed rubber ones is that: the colors are more vivid; they have a nicer surface feel; and they are easy to clean. The bounce property of silicone is about the same as that of compressed rubber.