Ball Bounce DVD with Paul Bachman

learn bounce juggling instructional DVD

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learn bounce juggling instructional DVD

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Juggling Ball Bouncing Instructional Video

In this video, juggler Paul Bachman gets you started with ball bouncing giving instructions for over 25 patterns with 3, 4 and 5 balls, an explanation of "English" spin, ball bouncing equipment and many personal tips and insights.

To select the right size bounce ball to get look at our article on how to pick the correct sized juggling ball. /juggling-guides-tips/how-to-select-a-juggling-ball-size/ In regards to selecting bounce balls, the 60 mm and 64 mm balls are a good size if you want to combine toss juggling with bounce juggling. The 70 mm bounce balls size is pretty heavy 150 grams for toss jugging unless you are 6 feet tall or more and is better suited for just bounce juggling.

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