Stage Balls

dance manipulation ball
Radfactor Manipulation Ball (185mm, 419 grams)
pastel colored stage ball
Play Stage Ball 62mm
hollow juggling ball
Play Stage Ball 70mm
poi ball and stage ball
Play Stage Ball 78mm
poi balls
Play Glitter Stage Ball 78mm
contact juggling ball
Play Stage Balls 90mm
glitter poi balls
Play Glitter Stage Balls 90mm
static poi balls
Color Swirl Stage Balls 100mm
static shiny poi balls
Pearlescent Stage Ball 100mm
static poi juggling balls
Play Stage Balls 100mm
large juggling balls
Stage Ball 110mm & 115mm
glitter contact juggling ball
Glitter Stage Ball, 125mm
manipulation contact juggling ball
Play Stage Ball, 130mm
Jugglng ball storage bag
Draw String Juggling Ball Bag

Stage Balls

Stage balls are made of semi-soft PVC plastic. These hollow juggling balls are very durable and their vivid colors show up on stage well. This type of ball is firm so you can accurately throw it without any flex or give in the juggling ball. This solid feel also translates into a smoother catch. They are the most durable type of juggling balls. However, if the balls collide in the air, they tend to bounce off each other more than soft beanbag balls; they can also roll away from you on drops, so they are better suited for intermediate to advanced jugglers.

  • Small- and medium-sized stag balls measuring 62-80 mm are good for toss juggling, with the smaller sizes better suited for numbers juggling.
  • Large-sized stage balls measuring 90-110mm are good for 3- to 4-ball juggling, or one-ball contact juggling.
  • Extra-large stage balls measuring 120-190mm are best for one-ball manipulation or a modern dance prop.

Pro tips (advanced and intermediate juggler)

The matte-finish balls seem to have a nicer texture in terms of how they release from your hands at the start of juggling. Some glossy stage balls are a bit sticky and do not release without friction from the other balls in your hand. This stickiness goes away over time, so the glossy balls need to be broken in before they function best. The matte balls have a very good release from the start, even when brand new.