Kendamas and Henrys Yo-Yo

Kendama Ozora
Kendama Sunrise Street
Classic Competition Kendama
Classic Competition Kendama Dyed Wood
Jumbo Sunrise Kendama
Ring Kendama Red
Kendama Sunrise Street for Teaching
Hernys Yo-Yo Tiger Snake, Lizard, Cobra

Kendamas and yo-yos


 Kendamas are a traditional Japanese toy. The ken (handle) has three cups and a spike which fits into the hole in the ball. Basic Kendama tricks consist of catching the ball in the cups and on the spike. Modern kendama style draws upon a diverse range of skills using other props, like yo-yos and diabolos.


• Sunrise and Ozora kendamas: Both models feature the same wood and construction. The Ozora is made in Japan and is the only brand of kendamas that can be used in competition. 


• Ringdama: a pocket sized toy that fits on your finger and with which you can do many kendamas-like tricks.


• Henrys yo-yo: with a soft plastic body but made like a diabolo; a perfect yo-yo for school programs.


Pro tips (intermediate to advanced)


The texture of the paint is an important factor in how a kendamas performs. The main difference between the Sunrise Street Kendama and the Competition model is that the Competition’s paint is slightly softer, which can make a difference when doing advanced tricks. All kendamas brands try to copy the paint characteristics of the Ozora, which sets the standard.