How to Choose a Henrys Juggling Club

Renegade Juggling now offers Henrys clubs that we assemble at our workshop in Santa Cruz, CA. Currently, we offer six models: Delphin Long, Delphin Short, Loop Training, Loop Grip, Pirouette Training and Pirouette Grip.

Club Bodies

All the models of Henrys clubs (that we assemble) are based on four body type. The grip body, long body, short body and wide body (left to right albatros body, long body, short body, grip body )

The long body is used to make the Dolphin club and the Classic Long Training. The Classic Long Training is the same as the Dolphin but with a wrapped handle, curved top and classic knob. (image center).

The short body come in two style Grip (right) Training (second from right). They are the same dimensions and weight. The Grip body is made with ribs with a much softer plastic. The softness and ribs give it more grip than the smooth plastic training body. Both these bodies are used to make the Loop and Pirouette clubs.

Decorated Henrys Club Bodies

Three of the club boides sizes can be ordered decorated. The long body (Delphin), the short bodies (Pirouette) and big body (Albatros) come in two decoration styles. The Europ, with a top and bottom cone and Circus strips of silver and colored mylar. The decoration does add some weight to the clubs, around 10 grams. All the parts to make a decorated club are the same as un-decorated clubs, other than the foils on the body. On the order page you will see the names called Circus 1/8 M, that means there are 8 strips of decration. On the Albatros body it is call Cirus 1/10 M because the body is bigger they need to use 10 strips of decoration.

Wood Dowel

All of these models of club are based on a wood dowel, made of Ash, 5/8” in diameter. This wood dowel has a stiff feel, without any flex or libration.

Handle Types

All henrys clubs are base one two types of handles. A tube handle or a traditional wrapped handle (a flat sheet of plastic wrapped around the dowel).

The tube handle comes in two lengths. The short tube handle used with the long body to make the Delphin club and the long tube handles is used with the short body to make Loop clubs.

The wrapped handle is used to make the Pirouette club.The wrapped handle is slightly softer than the tube handle. Both the Classic Long and the Albatross use and short wrapped handle that same length as the Delphin tube handle.

Cap Shape and Colors

Henrys offers two types of club caps. The cap is the rubber part on the top of the club. The caps are made of EVA rubber foam. The caps can be rounded or flat on the top. The difference between the two shapes is minimal. The flat tops are used on the Dolphin clubs and the curved top is used on all the other models. They come in seven colors all made of the same material.

Knob Shapes and Colors

Just like the caps, the knobs are made of EVA rubber foam and come in seven colors. The knob colors match the cap colors. Which color to select is up to your personal preface. The colored knobs shown in the photo are called the Dolphin knob. Henrys also make other shaped knobs (second row), the Classic and Round knob. The Classic knob comes in all colors, and the round knob only in black and white.

Club Weight

The lightest model club is the Delphin 202-207 grams follow by the Loop Club 208-215 grams and the Pirouette 209-217 grams. The weight varies due to the variable density of the wood dowel. All clubs are made in matched weight sets (+ - 2 grams).

The Delphin club is very light, and is not good for juggling out doors. It is intended as a solo juggling club and is not well suited for club passing.

The Loop and Pirouette are slightly heavier and so they are slightly better for outdoor juggling, but are still to light for any windy conditions. These clubs are best for indoor use.

Club Models

The main factors is which model to choose.

The Delphin and Dolphin Short Club

This club is very light weight and is good choice for beginner jugglers. The lightness will make the club feel softer on you hands. Advance jugglers also like this club for numbers juggling 5 or more club due to there lightness. The only down side to a very light club is it can only be used indoors. The short clubs is good for children small adults or jugglers who like to juggle with low fast spins.

The Classic Long uses the same body as the Dolphin with the main difference being it has a wrapped handle vs. a tube handle. The Albatros is the same as the Classic just with a wider body.

The Loop Training and Loop Grip

Both model’s have all the same parts other than the body. The grip body is has ridges and is made of a much softer plastic. The ridges make the club very easy to grip on the bulb end. The main effect of the ridges is the body feels soft to the touch.

The Loop Training uses a traditional plastic body and is made of the same hard plastic as all the other Henrys clubs.

The difference between the Loop Training and the Delphin club is very slight, they both use the same type of parts. The only difference is the Loop has a short body with a long handle and the Dolphin has a long body with a short handle. Other than the weight difference these clubs are basically the same. Though the Loop club was many more color options for knobs, caps and handles.

Pirouette Training and Grip

Both model’s use the same parts, other than the body. The grip body has ridges and is made of a much softer plastic. The ridges make the club very easy to grip on the bulb end. The main effect of the ridges is it allows the body to be made of a softer plastic. It also is an aesthetic difference, some people like it or dislike the look compared to a normal club body.

The Pirouette Training uses a traditional plastic body and is made of the same hard plastic as all the other Henrys clubs. The only thing that differentiates this club from the other models is the wrapped handle. This traditional wrapped handle is preferred by many juggles due to its soft feel and better grip than a tube handle. Though this is disputed, as many people prefer the tube handle over the wrapped handle. Our view is that it really is matter of which kind of handle you are used to. Jugglers alway prefer the handle they have used most.

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