How to Choose a Play Juggling Club


Body Types, Sirius and Quantum

Play Juggling Clubs are based on two models of the clubs bodies, Sirius or Quantum These club bodies are fundamentally the same, with only difference being the Quantum body is longer than the Sirius body. The total weight and width of the bodies are the same. The body of the clubs are shown in the photo, Quantium left and Sirus right side. The longer Quantum body is made with a shorter length tube handle than the Sirius body, both clubs end up having the same total length.

The difference between the Sirius and Quantum Club is very subtle and cannot be felt by most beginner jugglers. Advanced jugglers often have a preference, often based on what club they have used the most.

Decorated Club Bodies and Undecorated Club Bodies

The Sirius body can come decorated. The body of the club is coated with an electrostatic metallic plastic. This coating come in several color, silver, red, aqua, yellow and green. The decorated Sirius club is identical to undecorated club other than the decorative coating and trim tape on the boarder of the coating. Play clubs are unique in that all other club brands use a sticker, rather than a coating.

Decorated clubs look very flashy when juggled, and many people prefer the look. They can also be easier to see (silver decorations) in low lighting. The decoration color options often fit better with performance costumes, stage sets and backdrops. One drawback is that the decoration border tape need to be replaced over time. Some performers feel the flashy look makes clubs harder to see in certain stage light conditions.

Undecorated clubs show only the color of the club’s plastic body. The advantages are that the clubs are cheaper to buy and do not require any maintenance.

In general the choice depends on your end use. If you are a recreational juggler who occasionally performs, decorations are not really needed. However, decorated clubs are very nice to look at and are preferred by many jugglers.



Dowel Type PX3, PX3 Light, PX4 and EX1

Both club bodies Sirius and Quantum can be made with either PX3, PX3 light, Px4 or EX1 dowel. Often the name of the dowel has been confused with name of the club.

The PX3 dowel is made of PVC plastic and this was the original dowel (73 grams) used in the first models of these clubs. The PX3 dowel has the advantage that it is unbreakable, (nearly, it can break but this is very rare). However, the plastic dowel does have more flex compared to a wood doweled club. The Px3 Light is the same dowel with thinner wall thickness. The Px3 Light dowel has a weight of 62 grams compared to the standard PX3 dowel 73 grams, with reduces the total club weight to 205 grams

The PX4 dowel is made of fiberglass which has very little flex (73.5 grams) It has a similar feel to a wood dowel club. Many jugglers who are used to using a wood dowel club, prefer this dowel. There is not a technical reason to make a juggling club with a flexible or non-flexible dowel. It is just a matter of personal preference.

EX1 is the latest dowel type, which is made from 7074 Aluminum tubing (63 grams). This dowel makes for a much lighter club then the PX3 or PX4 coming in a 206 grams. The advantage to this dowel over the other PX3 light, is it has stiffness that feels similar to wood.

Some people prefer this flex and others who have used wood dowel clubs for years, do not care for it. This is just a personal preference. Jugglers always prefer what they are used to using.

When selecting the dowel type, the main factor is if you are going to be juggling indoors or outdoors. The two light dowel options, PX3 Light and the EX1 both make clubs that are in the 205 gram weight range. This weight is greatly effected by wind so they do not make for a good outdoor club, where there is always some degree of wind. The heavier PX3 and Px4 clubs are 11 grams heavier which is stll pretty light for outdoor juggling, but better than the lighter dowels.

The other thing to consider when selecting a dowel, the lighter dowels will feel easier on your hands with a total lower club weight, with is good for a beginner as they often make bad catches that hurt your hands. But very light clubs (205 grams) can also tend to bounce out of your hands on the catch. There is not fixed preference, some jugglers prefer very light clubs other do not.

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Handle Types

All Play juggling clubs are made with a tube handle. The handle has a profile molded into the plastic to give it the look and feel of a traditional wrapped handle. A traditional wrapped handle is made from a flat sheet of plastic and wrapped around the dowel. All the colored handles are made in this way, and called wrapped handles, ( even thought they are not wrapped) White handles can be ordered smooth. It is the same handle as the wrapped just without the profile of the wrapping. Older Play juggling clubs where made with a traditional wrapped handle ( made out of sheet plastic) but are no longer offered by Play Jugging. If you are replacing a club with this old style handle you can request it over the phone, we still have some of these handles in stock.

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Caps and Knobs

Play juggling clubs are all made with injection molded caps and knobs. The cap, on the top of body, comes in round or flat. It is a matter of personal preference which one to choose.

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The knobs come also come in two types rounded or flat bottom. Some jugglers prefer one over the other mostly on what shape they have used in the past. The flat bottom knob is 8 grams heavier than the round knob.

juggling club handle knobs


Club Handle Length (total length of club)

The club handle length is the total length of the club, from top to bottom (not the length of just the handle). Most people order standard length clubs (long handle). Traditionally clubs are called long handle even though they may differ in length. There are four key factors to consider when selecting the length of a club.

The shorter Sirius body can be combined with the shorter Quantum tube handle to make the Sirius Short Handle Club. This is the only length differences you can order. Tube handles cannot be cut to shorter, like a traditional wrapped handle club.

  1. Most club brands have the same long handle length ( about 20-20.5 inches long). If you pass or share clubs with other people, the length will be very similar and the spin of the club will be nearly the same.
  2. The longer the handle length, the slower the club spins. This slower spin give you more time in your pattern to juggle. As a result, juggling is easier to learn with long handle clubs.
  3. Most jugglers have only juggled long-handled clubs (most juggling club brands do not offer different lengths) and are very accustomed to how they feel. Switching to a shorter handle takes an adjustment period, and many jugglers do not want to attempt this.
  4. The length of the club should be proportional to the height of the juggler. For most adults between about 5 - 6 feet tall, a long handle club is a good length. For shorter jugglers, it is a good idea to go smaller if you do not share clubs with other jugglers., You should use a shorter club especially if you are under 5 feet tall.

Advanced jugglers often want to get shorter clubs to lower the height of their throws. A 19-inch-long club thrown with a double spin will have a lower height than a 20-inch club (about 6-10 inches lower). A lower pattern height (for some people) is easier when juggling 5-7 clubs solo, as they can throw more accurately at lower heights. Advanced jugglers who like to juggle in the traditional Latin style, with very fast/low double and triple spins need a club 19” or shorter.

long handle juggling clubs

Club Colors

Other than picking your favorite color, there are a few things to consider. With Play Juggling clubs you can use the club generator to select what colors combinations you want.

  1. Lighter colored clubs are easier to see in low light conditions.
  2. People watching you juggle often cannot tell how many clubs you are juggling if they are the same color. If they are different colors, they can easily count how many clubs you a juggling.
  3. Light-colored clubs show dirt more, while dark-colored ones show scratches.
  4. Mixed colors have more of a circus/clown look than same-colored clubs.
juggling club colors


Juggling Clubs or a Gift

The safest thing to do is to order a Sirius Px3 and use the club generator to selected a nice color combination. For the knob type select round knobs. This is the most common club ordered. You could also give us a phone call (831) 426-7343 and we would be happy to help you make a selection.

Sometimes you will be given a list describing the clubs the gift recipients want. If you cannot figure out what the list means, email or call us and we will assist you. Your gift recipient can always return the clubs for a different set, no problem.