Juggling & Circus Props for Schools

Silicone Clown Noses
Silicone Clown Noses
colorful juggling scarves
Juggling Scarf 23 Inch Square
colored spinning plates
Renegade Plastic Spinning Plate
colorful spin plates
Play Plastic Spinning Plate
patterned spinning plates
Henrys Plastic Spinning Plate
instructional flowerstick
Teaching Flowerstick
spinning plate
Traction Spinning Plate
flower power juggling stick
Play Power Flowerstick
juggling clubs for teaching
Play Px3 School Clubs (special offer)
Play Rola Bola
Play Rola Bola
rola bola balance board
Renegade Rola Bola
spinning cloth
StarFlyer Spinning Cloth
5 ring juggling
Play Fluor Flat Ring 32cm
play juggling pin
Play Prima One-Piece Club
ball catcher
Ring Kendama Red
instructional kendama
Kendama Sunrise Street for Teaching
yo-yo toys
Hernys Yo-Yo Tiger Snake, Lizard, Cobra
professional stilts
Circus Stilts
Play Aerial Rope Corde Lisse
Play Aerial Rope Corde Lisse
teaching juggling ball
Renegade Teaching Vinyl Beanbag (65mm, 115 grams)
beginner juggling ball
Instructional Cotton Beanbag (64mm, 94 grams)
triangle juggling ball
Instructional Triangle Beanbag (65mm, 67 grams)
colorful poi
Ribbon Poi
teaching poi
Scarves Poi
learn poi
Renegade Flag Poi
chiildrens diabolo
Play Comet Diabolo
beginner poi
Weight Edge Flag Poi
Poi Loop grip with swivel
Poi Loop grip with swivel
Silicone contact poi knob
Silicone contact poi knob
blue white beanbag
12 Panel Teaching Beanbag (70mm, 135 grams)
juggling ball faux leather
12 Panel Synthetic Leather Ball (62mm, 80 grams)
large faux leather juggling beanbag
12 Panel Synthetic Leather Ball (67mm, 127 grams)
Silicone poi ball knobs with swivel
Silicone poi ball knobs with swivel
Swivels with split rings (size 8 bearing swivel)
Swivels with split rings (size 8 bearing swivel)
Swivels with welded rings (size 8 bearing swivel)
Swivels with welded rings (size 8 bearing swivel)

Circus and School Props

Summer Circus Camps, Juggling Physical Education, Aerial Arts, Clowning and Performance Arts have grown over the last years. These programs use many kinds of juggling and circus equipment products. This category of our website shows the most popular products for this type of class or event. Many of the products, spinning plates, juggling balls, clubs and rings are sold with quantity pricing for teachers or teaching institutions. We select these product for high durability and good value.

  • Quantity discounts for schools, balls, clubs, rings, diabolos and scarves.
  • Rola bolas and stacking rola bola boards.
  • Stilts for both children and adults.
  • Rolling stage hoops for vintage hoop rolling.
  • Skywriters, with 25-foot ribbons, for parades and stage shows.
  • Silicone clown noses in ten colors and three sizes.
  • Bulk pricing for teaching props
  • One-Piece instructional juggling clubs
  • Comet teaching diabolo
  • Instructional vinyl bean bags
  • Juggling scarves
  • Flat rings by Play Juggling
  • Low cost flower sticks