Cigar Boxes

Henrys Cigar Box Neon
Henrys Cigar Box Undecorated
Henrys Cigar Box raw wood
Cigar Box Juggling DVD with Brian Patz

Cigar Boxes


Renegade offers a selection of cigar boxes made in Germany by Henrys. These boxes are perfectly square with finger-jointed ends. The boxes are sent to you in matched weight sets, as the weight of the wood varies.


• Henrys Neon Box is a box with plastic decoration stickers on all sides for high visibility and easy cleaning.


• Henrys Undecorated Box is just like the neon box, but without the decoration sticker, which makes the box about 15 grams lighter.


• Henrys Raw Box is a raw, unpainted, natural wood box and the same one used to make the decorated boxes.  We offer this as a way for you to save money by doing the finishing yourself. You can buy the felt stickers for the ends or do all your own finish work.


Pro tips (advanced and intermediate players)


The main problem with cigar boxes is they break over time with lots of use. If you make a mistake, avoid trying to make a save by catching the errant box in the middle with a hard pressure. Trapping the box like this puts lots of stress on the end joint and can break the glued bond over time. When working with cigar boxes, try to apply the lightest touch possible.