Juggling Clubs

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Renegade Juggling Clubs
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Play Juggling PX3 & PX4

Play Juggling Clubs, Quantum Px3, Sirius Px3, Veags Px3, Quantum Px4, Sirius Px and Veags Px4

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Henrys Juggling Clubs

Henrys Juggling Clubs, Delphin Long, Delphine Short, Loop Training, Loop Grip, Pirouette Training and Pirouette Grip

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Juggling Torches

Renegade Juggling Torch, Play Mephisto Torch, Groa Juggling Sword, Swinging Torches ( price range $30.00-44.00 each)

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LED juggling clubs

K8 Prophecy RGB-IR Glow Club, Prima Glow Club and Lightix Pixelated Juggling Stick( price range $36.00- $100.00 each)

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All Juggling Clubs
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Club Juggling Books and DVD's

Juggling Clubs


Renegade offers a full selection of juggling clubs. Renegade clubs are made in 7 body types: 75-mm, 85-mm, 95-mm, 105-mm, (75 to 105-mm denotes the width of the club body), fathead, cuphead and flathead.


If you want to learn to juggle clubs, the most common club is the Renegade club undecorated 95-mm or Renegade club undecorated 85-mm. The 85-mm club is slightly smaller than the 95-mm club and is good for children and young adults. Renegade clubs can also be enhanced with holographic decoration foil for a flashy onstage look.


We have two new models of clubs the 85mm+ and the 95mm+ which feature screw-on caps and knobs that match the body color. The new clubs are made with a fiberglass dowel.


Renegade now offers the full line of Play Juggling clubs including the new PX4 juggling clubs. Featuring a PX4 fiberglass dowel, a new tube-wrapped handle and now a flat bottom knob shape, the new club has a tape- and staple-free design and comes in a wide variety of neon and pastel colors. All PX4 and PX3 clubs are made to order and customized to your needs at our workshop in Santa Cruz, California.


Renegade Juggling now assembles Henry clubs at our shop in Santa Cruz! You can order clubs made to your specifications, with many new color combinations that were previously unavailable. We are starting with 6 models, delphin long, delphin short, loop training, loop grip, pirouette training and pirouette grip. We also service Henry clubs. Please contact us if you need repairs done on an old set of clubs or if you want to buy parts.