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Glow Poi K-8 iPoi RGB-IR
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Replacement Light Cartridge (LED) for Glow Props
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LED for Sundia
Batteries for LED Balls, Rings, Staffs, Clubs

LED Glow Props


When selecting a glow prop, one of the main concerns is whether to get a rechargeable or battery- powered prop. The initial cost of battery props is always lower. If you plan on using the prop for long periods of time (walk-around performance), replacing the batteries can end up costing more than getting a rechargeable product to start with. If you just plan to use the prop for short periods, like a 1-2-minute ball juggling routine, a set of batteries will last a long time. Battery props are much simpler to use, and do not need a charger, cable or remote control.


For battery props, the strength of the light can vary. Red and blue LEDs are always the brightest colors. Red LEDs use the least power and give off the brightest light. When you have more than one light in a prop, such as a LED juggling club or ring, the light colors on each side mix in the middle. A LED club with a red knob and blue top will make the middle of the club purple.


Renegade offers a full line of Lightix LED pixelate products. In these products you can control each LED independently of the others. These props can have all the LEDs synchronized to music.  You can also import your own light image and have the prop display them. These props, hoops, staff, poi, and clubs can have a range of simple to complicated light patterns. These are made for performance use, are fully programable, and are operated using a smart phone or tablet app.


Pro tips (advanced and intermediate players)


Among LED products, the color red has the lowest power consumption in relation to brightness. To further reduce power use, if the product is blinking is uses about half the amount of the power, since it if off about half the time. On any battery, rechargeable or button cell unit, leaving the prop turned on for long periods of time (more than 4 minutes or so) will cause the battery to heat up and lose power. When practicing with button cell products, turn the prop off to let the battery cool off between sessions to increase the life span.