Rechargeable LED Juggling Ball 70mm & 100mm (9 pattern)

Rechargeable LED Juggling Ball

Catalog Number:GLOW:G70R

Rechargeable LED Juggling Ball

LED Juggling Ball 9 Pattern (70mm & 100mm) These illuminated LED juggling balls are the answer for jugglers looking for an affordable and durable light up juggling ball. The ...Read More

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LED Juggling Ball 9 Pattern (70mm & 100mm)

These illuminated LED juggling balls are the answer for jugglers looking for an affordable and durable light up juggling ball. The bright LED light source illuminates the entire surface of the ball, producing an even glow that is much brighter than glow-in-the-dark juggling balls. 

The ball come with a rechargeable light where you can select any one of nine patterns, seven solid colors, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, aqua or white. Or you can select seven color blink, where it blinks through each color for about one second per color. There is also a seven color fade, where the ball fades between seven colors, each color is on for about three seconds.

To run the ball you need to charge it via a micro-usb-b cable (used for android phones and some cameras ). While charging the ball it will glow red, until charged, then it will glow green. To turn on the ball you push the button next to plug for about 2-3 seconds and the ball will come on. To advance the color selection you just push the button to advance to the next colors. To turn the ball off hold the button down for 2-3 seconds. On a full charge the balls runs about 2 hours. 

When you order three balls or more you get a three lead USB changing cable included. Adapter daisy chains 2 x 3-lead chargers into one 5 lead charger. Purchase additional charger leads as needed.

Our LED Juggling Balls come in two sizes: 70 mm diameter and 100 mm diameter. The 70mm LED juggling ball is filled with plastic pellets while the 100mm glow ball is hollow, without any fill. Both sizes have a soft white shell.

For help selecting the correctly sized juggling ball, check out our “Juggling Guide and Tips" section listed in the bottom footer of our website home page.


To turn on/off > Press and hold button 2 seconds
To change Patterns > Press one time
The battery is Charged when the red light turns green, however, the red charging indicator will not turn on if you try to charge a fully charged light, it will only turn red when charging a partially discharged battery. 

glow ball 70mm
diameter 2.7 inch (68.5mm)
weight 5.4 ounce (150 grams)
vinyl shell filled with plastic pellets vinyl shell and LED lights made in China
assembled in Canada

glow ball 100mm
diameter 3.94" (100mm)
weight 5.6 ounce (150 grams)
vinyl shell hollow
vinyl shell and LED lights made in China
assembled in Canada

by Sebastian N. on 03/14/21

Surprisingly bright even in daylight! Charge holds nicely and overall they feel fantastic.

by Kelly M. on 03/26/21

I have tried a few other LED ball products not made for juggling, and none compare to these lovely balls. The LEDs are properly BRIGHT! Even the more pastel-like shades have a vivid and cutting brightness- worth the price. If I could change one thing about the lighting, I'd like a strobe effect in one of the color changing modes. It would also be cool to have a rechargeable AND programmable option, but the colors and modes on these balls are still pretty great, so I am satisfied. As far as the balls themselves, they have a nice soft-touch kind of feel, but the material is sufficiently hard. So far, they seem to clean up pretty easily without absorbing tons of streaks, scratches and smears, but suspect will pick up some grunge eventually. The weight of the 70mm feels good to me, and they have a very even, centered feel. No wobble or offsidedeness that I can tell. Personally I am more used to Russian style balls, but overall I like these. I would be happy to use these as non-LED balls (yay!).

by Joshua B. on 05/25/21

I really like these juggling balls. The lights are very bright, they feel great and hold a charge well.

by Tommy R. on 06/02/21

These are absolutely awesome! The lights work phenomenally, the durability is incredible! Highly recommend!!

by L. Harman on 10/20/21

These balls are so fun. The company is really cool too. One ball has started to glitch out and Renegade was so nice and replaced it for me.

by A. Roemer on 11/07/21

We ordered 18 of them for our local juggling group and they are amazing to juggle and to look at. They were shipped promptly all the way to germany. The customer service was very good too, as a replacement balls was sent swiftly as one of our group discovered a defect a few days after delivery.

by C. Larimer on 01/12/22

Great weight, feel, and the colors are real bright! Renegade helped out with a warranty request too, super helpful! Thanks!

by Sam B. on 03/07/22

These are awesome. Such a relief to not mess with tiny button batteries like the older versions. Excited to play with them much more since they are so much easier to use. Thanks!

by R. Smith on 03/22/22

These rechargeable led balls are amazing! I have purchase a led clubs and balls from renegade juggling before as well as led balls from other brands. Button batteries are so difficult. I often spent as much time fiddling with battery compartments as I did juggling. So glad to have all the quality of the original renegade led juggling ball but with a rechargeable battery!!

by Shokhzoda I. on 05/03/22

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