Mouth Sticks, Whips, Spinning Plates & Balls

colored spinning plates
Renegade Plastic Spinning Plate
colorful spin plates
Play Plastic Spinning Plate
patterned spinning plates
Henrys Plastic Spinning Plate
spinning plate
Traction Spinning Plate Large (Windbraker)
small windbreaker plate
Traction Spinning Plate Small (Windbreaker)
spinning plate hand stick
Henrys Wood Spinning Plate Stick
Spinning Cloth
Spinning Cloth
straight mouth stick
Mouth Stick Ball Balancing
mouth stick balancing
Mouth Stick Plate and Ball Spinning
flat spin ring
Renegade Arm and Leg Spinning Ring
head bounce ball for juggling
Radfactor Head bounce ball (150mm, 263 grams)
stick spinning ball
Play Juggling Spinning Ball 215mm
swirl spinning ball
Radfactor Spinning Ball 9.0 inch
Radfactor Spinning Ball 8.0 inch
Radfactor Spinning Ball 8.0 inch
Bull Whips five and six foot
Bull Whips five and six foot
Bull Whips five foot and six foot shot loaded
Bull Whips five foot and six foot shot loaded
whip cracking
Target Whip five and six foot shot loaded
kangaroo whip
Kangaroo Bull Whip five and six foot shot loaded
Will Rogers Rope Trick Kit
Will Rogers Rope Trick Kit

Mouth Sticks, Spinning Plates and Balls

Renegade has reintroduced mouth sticks to juggling. They are some of the older juggling props that were very popular in the early 1900’s. Spinning plates and mouth sticks were traditionally used for combination tricks, in which many objects are balanced or spun at the same time, or for the grand finale of vintage juggling acts.

  • Renegade mouth sticks are for both for ball/plate spinning and ball balancing. They are made with a silicone molded mouthpiece over a stainless steel base.
  • Spinning plates come in two versions: a Play Juggling inexpensive, small plate for teaching and a large higher quality plate from Henrys.
  • Spinning balls are selected to not have any wobble. The swirled ball is good for beginners to see how much spin the ball has.
  • Arm spinning rings are large rings for spinning on your arm. Jugglers spin two rings on each arm, at the wrist and elbow. They can also be used as a leg spinning ring on your ankle.

Pro tips (advanced and intermediate jugglers)

Here is how one can get the best even-spinning ball without any wobbles. You should overfill it with air and put it in a hot location, like in your car on a sunny day. You will see the ball stretch a bit and this stretching will correct any imperfections from shipping non-inflated. It will spin better and be slightly larger.

The (conical) straight mouth sticks are best used only in limited practice sessions. Heavy objects are hard on your jaw muscles and teeth. The real balancing is done with the neck and head in combination with good foot work. To practice this balancing, roll a full sheet of newspaper into cone and fold over the pointed tip. Balance this cone on the end of the mouth stick. Over time, slowly cut the tube shorter and shorter. You will see big improvements when you go back to balancing a ball or bottle.