flair bartending and shaker cups

Flair 1000ml, 750ml Bottle
Flair Shaker Tin
Plastic Shaker Cup
Advance Flair for the Competitive Bartender
Practical Bar Magic
Showmanship and Flair for the Performance Bartender
Dice and Book Set

Flair Bartending and Shaker Cups


Flair refers to juggling or manipulating bottles, glasses, or shaker cups behind the bar. It is also great way to convert juggling skills into tip money. What used to be a very basic skill is now very sophisticated with many kinds of tricks and moves.


• Flair Bottle: the basic practice bottle made of very thick PVC, so it has the same weight as a bottle but is unbreakable.


• Shaker Cups: made to fit over the end of the bottles and used for many kinds of tricks.


• Flair DVDs: we carry several titles on flair bartending, bar magic and stacking dice


• Multiplying Balls: made from silicone for a very easy grip.


• Juggling shaker or nesting cups can be thrown out of each other without sticking. The plastic shaker cups make much less noise when practicing than metal cups.