Fire Staffs

contact fire dance stick
Gora Breakdown Contact Fire Staff
Fire performance staff
Gora Acrobatic Contact Staff
Fire Blade
Gora Fire Sword
gora fire swords
Gora Magnetic Fire Sword/Staff
double staff
Gora Thai Fire Staff
light up staff
Lycopodium Powder, Swinger or short Cane
Lycopodium Powder, Swinging Torch or Short Cane
fire explosion powder
Lycopodium Powder, Sword or Cane
Fire Baton
Fire Baton
Fire Devil Stick
Fire Devil Stick
Renegade Juggling Fire Staff
Renegade Juggling Fire Staff
gora magnetic cross
Gora Magnetic Pendulum, Fire X Staff
fire lamp
Gora Stage Lamp
fire dancing protection
Gora Fire Arm Braces
fire dancing cuffs
Gora Dragon Staff Cuffs
fire sword contact
Gora Contact Sword (counter weighted)
Gora Dragon Staff Removable Spins
Gora Dragon Staff Removable Spins
Gora Practice Contact Staff (fixed or breakdown)
Gora Practice Contact Staff (fixed or breakdown)
small fire dancing staff
Gora Baby Dragon Staff
fire twirling stick
Gora Carbon Fire Staff
fire art sticks
Gora Contact Fire Staff
fire dancing staff
Gora Dragon Staff with Removable Cuffs
fire staff multiple sizes
Aluminum Fire Staff 3-6 feet
fire safety
Fire Retardant Cloth
grip tape for fire props
Staff Grip Tape
carrying bag
Gora Fire Prop Bags
Staff Groove Basics DVD
Staff Groove Basics DVD
Fire All Stars
Fire All Stars
Contact Staff DVD
Contact Staff DVD

Fire Staffs

Fire staffs are one the most important fire performance props. They have big flames and are very impressive to watch, and lots of fun to learn. There are many sizes and types of staffs. We have both staffs and swords on this page as the tricks and moves are very similar.

  • The Contact Staff or Contact Sword is fire prop, in which many of the tricks have the shaft in contact with the body, neck, or arms. The Contact Sword is a counter-balanced staff, with a heavy weight on the end. It is difficult to learn, but has a very interesting off-balance effect.
  • The Dragon Staff is a staff with spines at the end of the staff, either wire or solid spines. The spines slow the spin of the staff for rolling the staff on your body.
  • The Break Down Staff comes apart for travel. The design of the connection mechanisms has improved and is now much more reliable.
  • Double staffs use a shorter staff, where one is used in each hand. Generally, they are under 48 inches long and have a smaller wick, making them more lightweight.
  • Batons or juggling staffs are made for throwing in the air in the style of marching band batons, where many of the tricks involve throwing the baton in the air and spinning the baton using only your fingers.

Pro tips (intermediate to advanced fire dancer)

Many staffs now come with flowers. These flowers splay out when the staff is rolled down your arm or body to slow the staffs roll. They can make tricks easier and/or possible. The dragon staff with spines, works on same principle as with flowers, but only more pronounced. They really slow the staffs roll. These types of flower or dragon staffs are for contact staff manipulation. If you are using a martial arts based style of staff manipulation does not use flowers or spines is not needed.