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This is the ultimate contact staff!


For using this staff, you don’t have to learn even contact tricks, this staff knows how to work itself! Lots of skillful contact players choose this instrument, for example Linda Farkas, who has used it since the first day.

A good contact staff must have a good swing, which is only possible if the ends are heavy, while the middle is light. The body of the staff is made with 7075 aluminum alloy, which has the same tensile strength as steel, but is light like aluminum and flexible, so it never breaks or bends.

The staff has silicone protectors near the fire-heads. In general, if you make a mistake with moving the contact , the heated metal can cause serious burns, but this will not happen because athe silicone covering is there to protect you. The black colour silicone has the highest heat resistance!

The flowers establish the movement of the staff, they slow the rolling a bit. Furthermore the rubber gives additional weight for the spin. If you like, you can leave it on or take it off; it is attached with a snap.

This contact staff has a weight of 840g. You can ask for extra head weight. Each head is 214g and the full staff is 59 inches long. 

The big woven wick staff is the same lenths but has a higher total weight 948 grams. With the weight added to the end of the staff so it does handle a bit better, with the heavier ends.

A soft grip is very suitable but it wears out after about a year. Tennis grip is more sticky and absorbs the sweat, but it is very thin. The best solution is to combine the two materials.

Because of oversize regulations we cannot deliver this one piece staff international. You would need to order a breakdown contact staff

- Do not use white gas, benzene, Colman fuel, or alcohol based fuels. 

- Do not hold the staff vertically. Spin it, or keep it horizontal! 

- Handle the grip carefully to avoid damages. 

- Use lamp oil or barbecue lighter fluid.

59.25 inch (150cm), weight 1.92 pounds)
4 inch wick ends
staff is one inch in diameter

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