Spider Slacklines White Line 15m, Training Line 18m
Spider Pro Line 20
Spider Trick Line 25 M and 30M
Spider Fly Line 25m, 35m and 50m
Spider Indoor Kit 1.0 and 2.0
Spider Indoor Slackhouse 3.0 and 4.0
Spider Outdoor Kit
Spider Wood Slackline Stands
Hummer Kit and Hummer Soft Release Kit
Mandingo Kit and Mandingo Soft Release Kit
Spider Hummer and Mandingo Ratchets
Spider Lime Line lock
Spider Tree Protection Large and Ex-Large
Spider Chile Line lock 2.0
Tender Line 50m and 80m lengths
Zao Line 50m and 100m lengths
Edge Line 50m and 100m lengths
Sling Fly 0.5T 2 meter and 3 meter
Oval Quick Links


A slackline to learn, one to explore, one to become a true slackliner: we are presenting the Training Line, your chance to learn how to slackline for real! Take your first steps into our suspended world, with the passion and experience of Spider Slacklines: webbing, ratchets and other accessories specifically designed to accompany you in your first thrilling forays into slacklining.


What is a Slackline? It’s webbing, but not just any old webbing: it’s webbing on which you will try to keep your balance in order to enter the incredible world of colours, challenges, drops and successes... a dimension made of pure passion and adrenaline! Spider Slacklines welcomes you to the greatest young community around for this exciting sport!


Balance, patience, precision
... are just some of the requirements that any longliner must have: defy gravity for longer and longer, walking on a Longline that’s hundreds of metres long! Who will win, you or the line? Trust Spider Slacklines for the best professional Slacklining and Longlining equipment available and the valuable advice of our specialists: the road will still be long with us, but it’ll be much safer!


What does it feel like to be on top of the world? Ask anyone who has used a Highline! High-flying sensations: excitement and adrenaline, but also fear and total concentration... for a unique experience you shouldn’t miss out on! Challenge yourself and the abyss. Spider Slacklines is rooting for you: get your long-distance Slackline and set the new record, which is currently at a height of 600m, on a 1020m-long Highline!