Spider Trick Line 25 M and 30M

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Spider Trick Line 25m and 30M


The most complete, versatile slackline. With ratchet mounting slings that allows you more versatility and safety. The Trick Line 25m 30m comes with  2m and 3m slings so you can be sure to set up the line even for very large trees. The HUMMER ratchets generate enough tention for any trickline styles and the ratchet allow for a soft release to allows you to easily disassemble the trickline without over tightening the line, which extents the lifetime of the line. The line has a special pro-grip printing to create a feeling of better adherence to the line and control over the line in different situation. The lines reinforced weave is specifically designed to give a dynamic slackline feel, you will experience a totally new walking sensation and jumping dynamics.

Width 50 mm
Working Limit Load 3 ton
Included Accessories Sling bag, tree protector
Best For Kids, athletes, surfing, rodeo
Length 25 meters (82 feet) 30 meters (98.5 feet)

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