Contact Stage and Russian Balls

Chrome Ball 65mm, 73mm and 90mm
LED Contact Glow Balls 100mm
Play Red Velvet 100mm Contact Ball
White Silicone 100mm Contact Ball
Contact Juggling Part 1 and Part 2 DVD
Renegade Glass Russian 78 mm
Play SIL-X 75mm
Play SIL-X 78mm
Play SIL-X 100mm
Play Stage Ball 78mm
Play Stage Balls 90mm
Play Stage Balls 100mm
Stage Ball 110mm & 115mm
Play Stage Ball, 130mm
Stage Ball 140mm, 165mm & 190mm

Contact Stage Balls and Russian Balls.


Stage balls are a great way to learn contact juggling, they are cheaper than acrylic balls, and most importantly they do not make noise when you drop them. Some people like to use Russian balls to learn contact juggling because the design slows the roll of the ball and makes it much easier to balance. 


• Small stage balls in 64-, 70- and 75-mm sizes are mostly used for multi-ball contact juggling.


• Large stage balls in 78-, 90- and 100-mm sizes are for single-hand manipulation.


• Extra large stage balls that are bigger than 110 mm (4 inches) are used for single-ball manipulation in modern dance. They also are used for single-ball body rolling tricks or manipulation.  


• Special contact juggling balls may be made of chrome, silicone, felt or fireproof wicking.


Pro tips (advanced and intermediate players)


For higher level contact, it is important that the stage ball has an even wall thickness, and balls should spin on a table without wobbling. Good quality stage balls will have a very even spin, although perhaps not quite as good as that of acrylic ball. Spin quality is affected by where the ball mold is located on the molding machine when first made, so even the same brand of balls can vary in the degree of spin wobble. It is good idea to check your collection to find the best-performing ball.