russian juggling ball
russian juggling ball

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russian juggling ball
russian juggling ball

SIL-X Implosion Juggling Ball (78 mm) The SIL-X Implosion is identical to the normal Play SIL-X ball in weight, size, and how it juggles. The only ...Read More

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SIL-X Implosion Juggling Ball (78 mm)

The SIL-X Implosion is identical to the normal Play SIL-X ball in weight, size, and how it juggles. The only difference between the two is that the shell of the SIL-X Implosion is made with clear PVC and the silicone inside the ball is pigmented, giving it a unique aesthetic look preferred by some jugglers. The clear shell needs to be cleaned regularly as it will get cloudy over time (this can be done simply by wiping the surface of the ball using a paper towel with a dash of isopropyl alcohol).

Like the Play SIL-X Russian ball, the Implosion is made with a rotomolded PVC shell, which is much thicker and heavier than the blow mold Polyethylene shell of the Radfactor Thin Shell Russian ball and the Fill Yourself Russian ball. This ball has a less pronounced Russian effect because it is partially filled with liquid silicone, which moves down to the bottom of the ball much slower than any of the solid fillings. The ball therefore does not wobble as much when thrown with a slight spin or unevenness, so some jugglers prefer this type of ball over the thin-shelled ball.

The SIL-X Implosion comes in 4 sizes: 67 mm, 75 mm, 78 mm, and 100 mm.

  • 67mm (2.64 inch), 110 grams: Comparable to the size of a tennis ball with a weight of 110 grams. This is a good sized ball for numbers juggling more than 5 balls, or for small jugglers. It is the most common size ball we sell.
  • 75mm (2.95 inch), 130 grams: This is the newest size ball from Play Juggling. This size is good for all purpose juggling 3 to 7 balls if you are around 6 feet tall. People with smaller hands might find the 67 mm ball more suitable for jugging more than 5 balls.
  • 78mm (3 1/8 inch), 150 grams: The SIL-X 78 mm Implosion is a fairly large sized ball. For most people this is a good size for 3 ball juggling but is fairly large for 5 ball juggling. Some people with large hands might be able to hold 3 balls in one hand for 5 ball juggling. It is a good size for contact juggling.
  • 100 mm (3.94 inch), 300 grams: This ball is most commonly used for contact juggling. The silicone filling slows the rolling of the ball and makes some contact juggling tricks easier to learn. It also is easier to balance the ball on your head or arms, as the silicone increases stability. Also, the ball will not roll much when dropped. While this ball could be used for toss juggling if you are over 6 feet tall and have large hands, a normal 100 mm stage ball would be better weighted. 300 grams is too heavy for toss juggling.

As with all SIL-X juggling balls, care must be taken in assuring that over time the plug does not work its way out of the ball and leak silicone. The plug stays in by friction, there is no glue. Before juggling, check that the plugs are pushed in flush with the ball. If the ball starts to leak, remove the plug and carefully clean the hole with a pointed paper towel, and then insert the plug back into place. This should stop all leakage.

For more help selecting the correctly sized juggling ball, check out our “Juggling Guide and Tips" section listed in the bottom footer of our website.

The SIL-X Implosion
size 3 1/8 inch (78mm)
weight 5.3 ounce 150 grams

silicon non-toxic (used in the food industry as a lubricant)
shell PVC
made in Italy by Play

by Kalle R. on 05/05/20

They look cool and are fun to juggle with. Their surface is slightly sticky even after a thorough cleaning and tend to get dirty pretty quickly

by Raymond G. on 08/28/21

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