Kevlar Thread, String, Cord & Yarn

Fire Diabolo String
Kevlar Fire Yarn 3/8, 5/8 Inch
Kevlar Twisted Cord Wick 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 7/64 inch X 100 Feet
Puro Kevlar sewing cord
Kevlar Thread 20 meters
Kevlar Fire String 1/16 inch

Kevlar Thread, String, Cord & Yarn


Renegade has a nice selection of threads and twisted cords and yarns to make your own fire props. 


• Thread made of pure Kevlar is used for finishing small prop wicks, like fans or fire-eating wick heads.


• Cord, both blended or pure Kevlar, is for finishing rope ends so they do not fray for large props, such as rope darts, fire snakes and other rope fire props.


• Yarn is a Kevlar fiberglass blend that can be used for making fuel reservoirs inside wick heads.


 Pro tips (intermediate to advanced)


When finish-sewing edges of 1/8-inch-thick flat wick, you should use 1/16 cord or thick thread using a carpet needle. Do not sew it with a continues stitch. Knot off each pass through the fabric so that if the cord burns or wears through, the stitching will not unravel.