Contact Juggling

View: Clear and Colored Acrylic Contact Balls
Clear and Colored Acrylic Contact Balls
View: Contact Stage and Russian Balls
Contact Stage and Russian Balls
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all contact juggling
Renegadesignlab (RdL) baby 8 ring
Renegadesignlab (RdL) baby 8 ring

Contact Juggling


Renegade Juggling has a wide selection of contact and isolation props. For general information on the different types of props, please go to the category page. For detailed information on any type of contact ball or isolation props, please refer to the product page. You can also call us by telephone if you have any questions.


• Clear acrylic balls: made in eight sizes. 

• Colored acrylic balls: in ten colors and four sizes.

• Sil-x balls: partially filled with liquid silicone.

• Fire contact balls: for use without gloves.

• LED contact balls: hollow and filled for nighttime contact juggling.

• Stage balls: for beginning contact jugglers.

• 8 Rings and other isolation props: for creating illusions. 

• Russian balls: partially filled with glass beads made for contact juggling.

• Isolation hoops and sticks: for isolation routines.