Walking Globes

Walking Globes 48 Inch Diameter
Walking Globes 30 Inch Diameter
Walking Globes 24 Inch Diameter

Walking Globes


The polyethylene plastic Walking Globe was developed by Renegade in 1993, and was the first company to produce an unbreakable, plastic globe. 


Prior to that, all walking globes were made of either fiberglass or solid wood. Renegade is the only producer of these types of walking globes in North America. We now have 3 sizes from 24, 30 and 48 inches in diameter. The most common size is 24 inches in diameter, which is used in many (if not all) circus art schools in the USA.


Pro tips (intermediate to advanced)


If you are teaching walking globe to beginners, you can make a track out of tumbling mats. Place a 16-foot row of mats on the ground. Then on top of this mat, place two additional ones side by side but leave a space of 6 inches between them. The ball can run down this track and it will keep the ball from moving sideways. This makes walking on the ball much easier. After the students learn to walk a narrow track, you can make the track wider and wider until they are walking on the ball without it. Using the ball on tumbling mats also slows down the ball’s rolling speed.