Renegade Juggling Clubs

Renegade 95mm Wood Dowel, Un-Decorated
Renegade 95mm Wood Dowel Black and White
95mm Px4 hybrid
Renegade 95mm + fiberglass dowel Un-decorated
Renegade 95mm Wood Dowel Colored Rubber
Renegade 95mm Wood Dowel Decorated
Renegade 95mm+ fiberglass Dowel Decorated
Renegade 95mm+ Plastic Dowel Decorated
Renegade Juggling Club Un-Decorated 75mm
Renegade Juggling Clubs Decorated 105mm
Renegade Juggling Clubs Decorated 75mm
Renegade Juggling Club Un-Decorated 85mm
Renegade Juggling Clubs Decorated 85mm
Renegade 85mm + fiberglass dowel
Renegade Juggling Clubs Un-Decorated 105mm
Renegade Fathead Club
Renegade Cuphead Club
Renegadesignlab (RdL) Flathead Club
Renegadesignlab (RdL) Holy Club
Renegade Juggling Clubs Black and White
Play-Renegade Hybrid-1
Play-Renegade Hybrid-2
Play-Renegade Hybrid-3 85mm
Spotlight One-Piece Club
Pre-cut Club Decoration Foil
Barge Cement Knob Glue
Renegade club replacement parts
Renegade Jugging Club Parts 95 mm
Renegade Juggling Club Parts 85 mm
Vinyl Tape and Clear Tape 1/2, 3/4 inch

Renegade Juggling Clubs


Renegade Juggling (established 1981) is one of the first companies to produce modern juggling clubs. Our first model of juggling club was the Renegade 95mm, and it is still in production and our most popular model. We now offer nine models of clubs. Each set of clubs is custom-made to your specifications. Renegade is one of few club makers who mold the club bodies in-house, which allows us to offer custom colors and superior quality. The clubs come in 9 different body types. We also make specialty clubs that combine parts made by Renegade and other club manufacturers; these are known as Hybrid clubs.


• 75mm Club: this is the smallest body size and is used for children or as a numbers club. It was designed for Anthony Gatto in (1984) for juggling 7-8 clubs solo.


• 85mm Club, wood dowel (1994): this is a mid-sized club and a good fit for jugglers on the smaller side. This club is close to the size of most other brands of juggling clubs.


• 85mm+ Club, fiberglass dowel (2017): this is the same design as the original 85mm club, but made with a fiberglass dowel and screw-on knob and cap.


• 95mm Club, wood dowel (1982): this is our most popular club, known for its exceptional durability and larger body size. This is an ideal club for club passing.


• 95mm+ Club, fiberglass dowel (2017): this is the same design as the original 95mm club but made with a fiberglass dowel and screw-on knob and cap.


• 105mm Club, wood dowel (1995): this club has a larger sized body for jugglers over 6 feet tall or for performers, who like a larger bodied club for on stage visibility.


• Fathead Club, wood dowel (1991): this is highly visible club having about the same width as a 105mm club; the body shape gives the club a very slow spin.


• Flathead Club, wood dowel (2009): it is made from a 95mm mold with the end modified so that the club can easily stand on its cap; it was co-designed with Stanislav Knyazkov.


• Cuphead club, wood dowel (2010): this is an experimental club made from a fathead club with the end cut off and inverted so you can catch a ball in the end of the club.


• Hybrid club, wood dowel (2012-present): these are specialty items combining Renegade, Play and Henry parts to make unique hybrid clubs. Customers can request any combination of parts and have us design their own custom-tailored club.


Pro tips (advanced and intermediate players)


You could be using a club that is not optimal for the conditions you are juggling in. One common mistake is that the clubs are too light for the conditions. For outdoor juggling, you will encounter some wind. The clubs need to be in the 240 to 250-gram weight range to handle well in wind, which means that lightweight clubs are not really well-suited for outdoors. To get the right clubs for you, consider whether you will be juggling inside or outside most frequently