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Henrys Juggling Clubs


Henrys is a German brand of juggling clubs. They are one of most well-known brands in Europe. Renegade assembles Henrys clubs to your specifications at our workshop. We currently offer seven models of clubs. Henrys clubs come in a wide variety of colored bodies as well as colored handles, knobs and caps. All Henrys clubs are made with wood dowels.


• Henrys delphin club is their most popular club model. The club has a longer body coupled with a shorter handle. It is very light weight (206 grams) and is best for indoor juggling or in windless conditions.


• Henrys loop club is made with a more traditional short body and a longer handle. This club is made with a one-piece tubular handle, which is soft and grippy.


• Henrys loop grip is the same as the Loop club but has a special body with ribs to easily grip the body end of the club. The body of the club is much softer than others.


• Henrys pirouette club is the same as the Loop club, but with a wrapped handle rather than a tube handle. This type of handle is the most traditional and is preferred by many jugglers.


• Henrys pirouette grip club is the same as the Pirouette club except that the body has special ribs to improve the grip. The body of the club is much softer than others. 


• Henrys short club combines the short Pirouette body and the short Delphin handle.


Pro tips (advanced and intermediate players)


The total weight of the juggling clubs is a critical factor when choosing a jugging club-type. The basic dilemma is that lighter clubs are easier to throw when starting with 5 clubs and they have less impact on your hands when you catch them. You can practice with them longer than with heavy clubs. However, the light clubs tend to bounce out of your hands if you do not catch them well and are more difficult to throw accurately for high or long throws. Heavier clubs have much more solid catch but can hurt your hands. While they have a more consistent throw, the increased weight will tire your arms and this fatigue can cause mistakes. In the case of outdoor juggling, light clubs are highly affected by the wind. 


The optimal weight for general-use juggling clubs should be around 225-235 grams, although many jugglers would dispute this figure.