Spider Chile Line lock 2.0

Spider Chile Line lock 2.0

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Spider Chile Line lock 2.0

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CHILI 2.0 Line lock

The best linelock for 25mm (1 inch) slackline

Designed and produced by Spider Slackline made in Italy. A linelock is essential for tensioning lines longer than 50 meters. Chili 2.0 it has a central cylinder anodized aluminum high strength with enlarged diameter to provide a high efficiency lock. The plates are 4mm steel 310 and the steel pin 10.8mm allow to have a high work load and thanks to the fastening method "quick lock pin" You can anchor the webbing so fast and easy. The rear hole of 17mm width makes it compatible with all connectors

Made in Italy.

Material: 310 stainless steel with a central aluminum cylinder

Breacking strength:> 50 kN

Working load: 15 kN

Weight: 275gr

Webbing compatibility: 26mm Polyester and Nylon

Compatible connectors: Inox steel omega shackles 1T and 1.5T; Steel blue pin shackle 2T galvanized steel and 3,25T.

Recommended connector: Grillo 2t galvanized steel (Ø 16mm)

Warning: read carefully user and maintenance manual before use.

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