Edge Line 50m and 100m lengths

Edge Line 50m and 100m lengths
Edge Line 50m and 100m lengths

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Edge Line 50m and 100m lengths
Edge Line 50m and 100m lengths

EDGE Line 50 meter and 100 meter lengths ...Read More

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EDGE Line 50 meter and 100 meter lengths

The unique feeling of a superior webbing

EDGE Line is the result of long research and depth product development, aimed to obtaining a line of polyester with superior features. The line has three layers, the central one presents a very high resistance (37 kN breaking load) and two external with ultra soft edges, made with a thinner yarn which makes it more pleasant to handle with high tension. This longline webbing gives his best on very extreme lengths due to its very low elongation (only 4% to 10 kN) and its low weight (62 g / m), is ideal if you want to establish your personal record in the longlining. The low elongation, also allows you to reach the ideal tension, with only few meters of tension with your pulley system. Compare to other webbing with same weight and material (100% polyester), EDGE line is much lighter and more responsive, certainly is due to the special compact woven tecnique which thrill the technical features. You'll be amazed by how easy it is to tension 100m Edge line and especially you will like to feel under foot the soft and silky walk on the fine fibers, even at the line edges, like you're walking a feather or a much lighter webbing. Thanks to his soft edges and low elongation, the Edge Line is perfect:

  • for the workout on shorter tight lines;
  • for lines with lot of sag;
  • in case there is no space to use the hoist and you want to recover the tension, manually.

Material: 100% polyestere

Webbing type: A 3-layer inner body (flat) and flat outer cover (flat) with rounded edges made of ultra-thin yarn

Width: 25 mm

Thickness: 3,2 mm

Minimum breaking strenght: 35 kN

Ultimate breacking strenght: ~ 37 kN

Suggested working limit load: 12 kN - Safety factor 3

Elasticity: 4% (@10kN), 5% (@ 12kN), 14% alla rottura

Weight: 62 g/m

Suggested lenght: 50 - 500m (contact us for more lenght)

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