Tender Line 50m and 80m lengths

Tender Line 50m and 80m lengths
Tender Line 50m and 80m lengths

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Tender Line 50m and 80m lengths
Tender Line 50m and 80m lengths

TENDER line 50m and 80m lenghts ...Read More

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TENDER line 50m and 80m lenghts

Softness and lightness, we talk about tender

This line is ideal for those who prefer a soft webbing and a 'light walk'. The Tender Line is indeed the right mix in the polyester lines, presenting different features: thanks to its tubular structure and its low weight, it is strong and reliable, but also soft and dynamic. All this, at a very low price. This balance rope suitable especially for those who approach longline for the first time. Recommended for lengths starting from 20 meters, but the line can be safely walked even up to 150 meters or more.

Material: 100% Polyester

Webbing type: tubular

Width: 25 mm

Thickness: 2,5 mm

Minimum Breaking Strenght: 23 kN

Ultimate Breaking Strenght: 24 kN

Suggested Working Load Limit: 8 kN

Elasticità: 6% (€ WLL-8kN), 7 % (@10kN), 16 % at break

Weight: 48 g/m

Suggested Lenght: 40 - 150 m (contact us for more lenght)

Price: 1,10 - 0,96 €/m

Safety and quality made in Italy

This line was conceived, designed, tested and mostly produced entirely in Italy. Our expert athletes have defined the features with production technicians and they developed this line which is a textile engineering masterpiece. Each lot is tested with special machines for breaking load and for verify integrity of the fibers after production. We care very much for your and our safety, because we ourselves are the first users of these quality materials.

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