Fire Baton

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Fire Baton

The Aluminum fire batons comes in two lengths - 26 inch (3 inch wide wick) or 24 foot (3 inch wide wick). The aluminum staff is made with 1/2 inch diameter T-6 tempered aluminum and is constructed with a wood plug in the end. The wicks are attached with self tapping screws.

The batons are made like a traditional marching band baton, with off set weight, one end has 2 feet of wick and the other has 3 feet of wick so it has the same off center balance point of a marching band baton. Though to keep the balance point you need to add the same amount of fuel to each end when burning them

length 26 (67.5cm)
weight 6.7 ounce (190 grams) for 26 inch size
tubing aluminum 6061 T-6, 0.5" (12.8mm) OD X 0.58" (1.5mm) wall thickness
kevlar blended wick 2 inch x 1/8 one end 24 inch long the other 36 inches long
grip black vinyl tape
tubing ends plugs with maple dowel
made in USA by Renegade Juggling

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