Traction Spinning Plate Large (Windbraker)

spinning plate
big spinning plate
spinning plate
big spinning plate

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spinning plate
big spinning plate
spinning plate
big spinning plate

Spinning Plates We offer three kinds of spinning plates, all of them can be used for teaching or performing. The plates are all made out of plastic and come with a stick. The main use of ...Read More

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Spinning Plates

We offer three kinds of spinning plates, all of them can be used for teaching or performing. The plates are all made out of plastic and come with a stick. The main use of spinning plate is in schools and circus camps. It is fairly easy to learn and can be used as a first level prop. The spinning plate is a idea prop for simple end of class performances. The spinning plate is easy to use with a mouth stick for combination tricks, or spun on your finger once it is turning.

Traction Spinning Plate Large (Windbreaker)

The Traction spinnnig plate has white plastic rings on bottom and top edges of the plate. The bottom ring provides a higher friction surface than the plastic body of the plate. The handstick tip has friction tape that comes into contact with friction ring to quickly add spin to the plate. The top ring adds weight for more centrifugal force to keep the plate spinning longer. These rings make this plate very easy to spin and spin longer. The diameter of plate is 11.75 inches which is a nice size for perfomring. The plate has weight is 265 grams, (0.58 pounds) so can also be used in windy conditions. The combination of the weight, size, traction and centrifugal rings makes this ideal for a whole new range of plate tricks. It is possible to juggle the plates between handsticks and do many classical toss juggling tricks with spinning plates.

Play Spinning Plate

This is the smallest size plate with a outside diameter of 9 inches and a height of 1 1/2 inches. It is made of very soft plastic which is good in some school setting where the plates are thrown around like Frisbees and do not hurt if you are hit. The plate has a weight of 75 grams and comes in UV colors. The stick is made of a PVC shaft, with a spinning tip cap. The tips do tend to break off over time and can be bought separately. For order of 6 or more plates the sticks come with a once piece (22.5 inches long) stick. Small orders (less than 6 plates) they come with a two piece, so they can fit into a smaller box.

Renegade Spinning Plate

This plate is a little larger than the Play plate with a diameter of 9.5 inches and a height of 1 5/8 with a weight of 95 grams This plate is made of a harder material with some flex. The harder plate spins longer and does not wobble like the soft plastic plates, and is easier to start spinning. However if the class is wild and the students are throwing (Frisbee throw) the plates at each other the harder plastic and heavier weight of this plate can hurt. The plate does not hurt if you drop it on your self while try to learn plate spinning, only if it is thrown. It comes with a one piece ABS plastic stick, 19.5 inches long. This stick is a little stiffer than the Play stick and has a molded in tip, that does not wear out or need to be replaced.

Hernys Spinning Plate

This is the largest model spinning plate with a diameter of 10 inches and a height of 1 5/8 inch. The plastic is hard about the same as the Renegade Plate. It has a weight of 105 grams, so this plate would also hurt of the students are throwing plates at each other. The larger size and weight makes the plate spinning longer and is just as easy to learn with. It does not hurt if you hit yourself while trying to learn the prop. This plate has the best visual look as it is bigger size. It can be purchased with a two piece wood stick, which is very nice but hard to clean compared to plastic sticks. The Hernys plate cost considerably more so it is better suited for a performance than teaching large classes.

diameter 11.75 inches ( 30 cm)
weight 246 grams
made in Hong Kong

by Bill Olbrisch on 12/12/19

I have used the spinning plate in my comedy juggling show for many years and have tried many of the plates available on the market. Plates I have used in the past have all had severe limitations. Plastic plates were too light to use in the wind or train hard tricks with. Aluminum plates were unforgiving and required a lot of force to spin fast due to their smoothness. All these plates sounded terrible when dropped, from the clatter of the cheap plastic plates to the awful clang of the aluminum ones. So I was very excited to see the offering from Renegade of the “Traction Spinning Plate.” I was even more excited when I got them. They are solid and weighty. They spin up easily due to the traction features and spin basically forever due to the weight on the rim. The color is bright and luminous. They sound solid when dropped, more like a club than a child's toy. I have just started training it, but I believe that I will be able to sustain a three plate cascade on two sticks with these plates in relatively short order. I think this plate is 100% worth the price. It is a quality prop. If I were equipping a class of beginners, I would get a cheaper, lighter, option. For any serious juggler who wants to work on a spinning plate routine or is looking for a solid option for a combo trick, this plate is the real deal. --Biz the Clown

by Mark Lohr on 01/02/20

Good plates. Very easy to do tricks with. Wish the sticks were longer.

by Brian D. on 06/11/20

I have owned a lot of spinning plates, from flimsy plastic to aluminum, yet these are, hands down, the best! The weight gives you more freedom to do a lot more and allows it to spin easier and longer, even with a shorter stick. In fact, the shorter stick makes flips and catches a lot easier, in my opinion. The weight also enables you to more easily catch the plate on your finger, multiple times. I cannot recommend these plates highly enough. They even were the reason I had a semi-viral video on social media. If you are looking for plates that are sturdy, will last, and allow you to perform insane tricks, then these are the plates for you. The price might be high, but as cliched as it sounds, the reward is priceless.

by Robert Neuman on 02/08/22

Great spinning plates. Durable and colorful. Nicely weighted.

by Leslie S. on 02/16/22

This plate works great outdoors!

by E. Hall on 04/18/24

I love these plates! They are big and look like plates should. There is a greater illusion that they are flat plates, which is nice in a performing situation. I use these outside in a restaurant show and street performing. They are solid, and have enough weight to resist the wind. The rims allow for you to literally hang the plate on the stick (no spin) without fear of it slipping off. These are two key factors that make it fun and enjoyable to perform with. It’s easy to make a longer stick, and the sticks provided pack easily and are just right for tossing tricks etc. I got the plate spinning as fast as I could and clocked a 3 minute spin! If you seek durability, visibility, and weight with ease of use, you may like these too.

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