Henrys Nine Cigar Box Stack Taped

nine box balance trick

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nine box balance trick

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Henrys Nine Box Stack Taped Cigar Box

Henrys cigar boxes are made in Germany and currently are the best wood cigar box sold. This box was custom made for Renegade Juggling, with the proper dimensions to do the classic nine box stake. A normal box does not have the correct length and width to do this trick.

These cigar boxes are perfectly square and are made with thicker end dove tail glued plywood and have an internal reinforced center panel.

This box model is taped with gaffers tape on the ends and edges.

The cigar box takes a beating especially when learning. The most damage comes from dropping the boxes on the ground, i.e. wood or concert flooring. It is best to practice over a bed, couch or tumbling matt, so they land on a soft suface.

You can also use this box for the ten box horizontal gathering trick, it is slightly thinner than the normal cigar box.

size 4 3/4 x 7 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches
weight 250-280 grams approx
taped edges and ends white gaffers tape
made in Germany

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