12 Panel Teaching Beanbag (70mm, 135 grams)

blue white beanbag
teaching juggling ball
blue white beanbag
teaching juggling ball

Catalog Number:Bbags:PVB68

blue white beanbag
teaching juggling ball
blue white beanbag
teaching juggling ball

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12 Panel Teaching Beanbag (70 mm)

These brightly colored semi-squishy balls feel good in your hands. They are easy to catch, they have a dead bounce, and they will not bounce out of the juggling pattern if there is a mid-air collision. The 12 Panel Teaching Bean Bag comes in one size, 70 mm diameter (slightly over 2.5 inch) and 135 grams. This is a great size beanbag for middle to high school aged students, but are usually too big for kindergarten to 6th grade jugglers.

These beanbag juggling balls are made with a very high quality fabric (the same that is used in making soccer balls). They are super durable, water-resistant and stain-resistant.

For more help selecting the correctly sized juggling ball, check out our “Juggling Guide and Tips" section listed in the bottom footer of our website home page.

Vinyl Coated Cloth
diameter 2.5" (69mm)
135 grams
filled with plastic pellets
cut, sewn and stuffed in Pakistan

by P. Johnson on 07/24/19

The beanbags were firmer/stiffer than expected. So they roll more than I'd like. Hopefully over time they will relax and soften. Still... A good value.

by Josh A. on 07/27/19

I've bought cheap juggling balls elsewhere, and they fell apart after just a few weeks. These are still good as new after several months. Already at 5 balls... hoping to reach 7 in a year.

by Chris C. on 10/08/20

by Chris S. on 11/01/20

These balls are overfilled. I like the heavier weight and the price, but they have very little squish. They even bounce when you drop them. Otherwise great trainers.

by John O. on 04/03/21

excellent bag for the money. the ones i got are very stiff, feel good in the hands. smooth texture. i decided to soften them a bit by rolling them around under pressure, i stood on them... perfect weight for the size. seams are solid. nice product.

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