White PU Beanbag Six Panel (68mm, 125 grams)

PU juggling bag

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PU juggling bag

White PU Beanbags Six Panel (68 mm, 125 grams) These white polyurethane (PU) bags are our best quality beanbag. They are made from Japanese Ultrafabric with a PU coating. Polyure...Read More

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White PU Beanbags Six Panel (68 mm, 125 grams)

These white polyurethane (PU) bags are our best quality beanbag. They are made from Japanese Ultrafabric with a PU coating. Polyurethane-coated cloth is much more durable than vinyl coated cloth, and has a superior grip and feel. Ultrafabric is made for outdoor use and will not fade or peel like a vinyl (PVC) fabric. These balls have at least double the lifespan as those made with vinyl-coated cloth. The ball is constructed with an inner lycra bag, and then a six-panel outer PU shell. This construction using an inner bag makes for a stiffer feel and a longer lasting ball. The ball is sewn with high quality thread, filled with millet and sold in precisely matched weights.

The use of PU-coated cloth has become much more prevalent in recent years, although it is important to note that there is a wide range in fabric quality across different models. High quality fabric has several layers of different coatings, with a outer coating of polycarbonate. These high end fabrics are only made in Japan. Cheap copies of this type of fabric are made in China, but the quality of these is comparable to PVC-coated cloth.

Our PU balls come in 5 different sizes: 60 mm (80 grams), 64 mm (115 grams) 68 mm (125 grams) 70 mm (135 grams) and 72 mm (145 grams). All sizes are good for juggling between 3-9 balls, with the smallest size better for high numbers (more than 7). For numbers juggling of more than 5 balls, the 72 mm (145 gram) ball is a bit on the heavy size, so unless you are at least 6 ft tall consider using one of the smaller sized balls.

For more help selecting the correctly sized juggling ball, check out our “Juggling Guide and Tips" section listed in the bottom footer of our website home page.

Polyurethane Coated Cloth
diameter (68 mm)
weight 125 grams
filled with millet with a inner lycra bag
cut, sewn and stuffed in Pakistan
fabric made in Japan Ultrafabric

by Vincent T. on 05/13/20

I upgraded to these from a 17-year-old set of the vinyl beanbags and they are worth the investment. They feel perfect both in weight and grip, and they hold a circular shape better than the vinyl four-panel style, which sometimes wants to pull into a more oblong shape.

by Michael M. on 07/22/20

Have tried many different juggling balls and tried these on a whim. Best juggling ball I ever used. Great feel and great weight. I use them for 3 and 5 ball juggling!

by J. kinison on 01/31/21

These been bag balls are amazing. I beat them like hell in practice, and they still look great on stage. The weight, finish, and firmness are incredible. They dang near catch themselves. I have been juggling renegade props since about when I started in the late 90s. I will be back for more. Again and again.

by Kyle B. on 08/27/22

As a beginner, I grabbed six of these and wouldn't have gotten beyond absolute beginner without them. They hold their shape, have an excellent texture, and barely hurt at all when you take one on the nose. If you're new or just wanting great practice balls, look no further.

by Joe Goodwin on 09/14/23

These are fantastic, slightly bigger than I thought however, I still love them but may order1 size smaller next time. Great service and support as well.

by Harrison C. on 03/09/24

I got a set of 7 of these after I got 50 catches with 5 balls with a very light mix matched set. I immediately matched my best and exceeded it! Couldn't recommend these enough. I wasn't sure what size to get, so I called and got an immediate pick up with an eager helper on the other line. Customer service is 5 starts as well. If I ever need another set, I will definitely be coming back.

by Driftin L. on 03/21/24

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