Play G-Force Bounce Ball (64mm, 151 grams)

high bounce juggling ball
high bounce juggling ball

Catalog Number:BounceBall:GF64

high bounce juggling ball
high bounce juggling ball

Bounce Jugglng Ball 64 mm The 64mm Play Juggling bounce ball is mid-rang size of the standard sized of juggling balls. The size is good for holding 3 in one hand, and you can very easily ...Read More

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Bounce Jugglng Ball 64 mm

The 64mm Play Juggling bounce ball is mid-rang size of the standard sized of juggling balls. The size is good for holding 3 in one hand, and you can very easily hold 4 in one hand if you are around 6 feet tall. It would be good size for ball bouncing between 3-7 balls. The seam between the halfs of the ball is very slight. These bounce balls are an excellent value, coming in several bright colors and having a 90% bounce ratio, and much cheaper than a pure silicone ball. These g-force balls are great to get started to learning bounce juggling patterns. They feel great in your hands, clean up great with soap/water, and come in a nice selection of colors.

The G-force bounce ball is a compression molded rubber ball, which comes in four sizes, 54mm, 60mm, 64mm and 70mm. This was the first bounce ball that had comparable quality to a silicone ball, which used to be the most common bounce ball. The colors are bright and there is no significant seam line or fill hole on the ball.

They have a very similar bounce to a silicone ball, slightly higher. The balls have matched weights except for white ( which has much heavier pigment) so when ordering do not mix white with other colors. For example a white 70mm ball has a weight of 205 grams, whereas a 70mm colored ball is 190 grams. White 64mm has a weight of 161 grams.


  • G-Force bounce ball 50mm size, 1.96 inch (a golf ball is 42mm) and has a weight of 75 grams. The ball was made for number bounce ball passing. Usually for 9 or more ball passing. It could also be a good bounce ball for small children under 4 feet tall. Because of it odd small size and use as a numbers passing ball it only is made in white.
  • G-Force bounce ball 60mm size, 2.36 inch (a racquetball is 57mm) and has a weight of 121 grams. This size ball can also be used from numbers passing, but it is possible depending on your hand size to hold four in one hand. Most commonly this ball is a good size for smaller adults and children. The 60mm size is also good for using for numbers juggling, bouncing more than five ball.
  • G-Force bounce ball 64mm size, 2.51 inch (a tennis ball is 65mm) and has a weight of 151 grams. This is the most popular size bounce ball. This ball is good for both advanced and beginner bounce jugglers. With a weight of 151 grams it still light enough for using as a combination ball, combining both air juggling and bounce juggling.
  • G-Force bounce ball 70mm size, 2.75 inch (a hard baseball is 73mm) and has a weight of 190 grams. This is the largest size ball we sell, and at 190 grams it is really to heavy for air juggling for most jugglers and is better suited for just bounce juggling. However ball could also be used for air juggling if you where at least 6 feet tall and/or used to juggling very heavy juggling balls.

To help you select the correct size of juggling balls, look at our Juggling Guide and Tips section listed in the bottom footer of the home page.


diameter 2.5 inch (64 mm)
weight 5.8 ounce (164 grams)
made of compressed rubber
molded in Italy

by Keon E. on 07/24/19

Great product. The rubber smell wears of with use. I bought 3 yellow, 3 orange. They have a LOT of spring. Great price!!!

by spencer D. on 12/25/19

by Shawn K. on 01/10/20

These are great bounce balls for the price. I purchased the 64 which feel like a great size and weight for me for numbers juggling. Be careful because they are easy to nick if the bounce into anything with an edge.

by Jonathan Root on 05/12/20

These are great bounce balls, very responsive, and way less expensive than silicones and the 64mm are plenty big for everything, even if you want to use them on stage.

by Dominic C. on 12/25/20

I've never used bounce balls until now, however they feel really nice and they bounce where I want them to go, and they are really consistent even with multiple bounces.

by Keith N. on 01/18/21

The rainy weather of the pacific northwest combined with the low ceiling in my basement apartment led me to get into bounce juggling. I'd done minor 3 ball bounce stuff before with lacrosse balls, but not much. I picked up 7 of these and LOVE them. Size and weight seems great; I can still mix in a bit of toss juggling into the patterns. And the bounce from them is phenomenal. At about ⅓ the price of silicones! Sure, I've heard silicones will last longer. But given these are my first set and I'm not doing shows, they're perfect for what I need. The only thing I would mention is, you'll want to childproof your room that you're going to be practicing in. Like someone else mentioned, if one hits a sharp corners, it will get knicked/cut.

by C. Drown on 04/17/21

Great feel and a great bounce back.

by J. Maisonet on 05/27/21

The bouncing balls are excellent, the service amazing and the shipping really fast! Thanks! 👍

by Kevin S. on 08/29/22

Great bounce balls! Very glad with my purchase!

by Jud E. on 09/09/23

Looks nice, SOOO bouncy.

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