Radfactor Hand Sticks Carbon Silicone Thick (49cm)

colorful hand stick

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colorful hand stick

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Silicone Carbon Hand-Sticks Thick (49cm long)

The ultimate hand sticks made by Radfactor of Japan and designed by Ryo Yaba, this stick surpasses all others without a doubt. The core is carbon with a very sticky slicone outer tubing cover. Carbon offers very light weight, and is stiffer than fiberglass. The perfect devil stick or flower stick hand sticks. They cost more than our other hand-sticks as the silicone coating and carbon dowel are very high quality. 

Cabon sticks are the lightest and stiffest stick.  However they cost more, but have great performance.

This model is 13.5mm outside diameter with a 11mm carbon fiber dowel and 49cm long In inches it is about 19.25 inches long and 9/16 inch thick. Each stick has a weight of 60.5 grams,

In degree of stiffness from least stiff to the most stiff it is like goes like this thin wood>thick wood>thin fiberglass>thick fiberglass>thin carbon> thick carbon.

All kinds of sticks have the same silicone coating, the difference is weight, length and stiffness between all the types.

weight each 60.5 grams
length (49cm)
diameter (13.5mm)
silicone cover
Radfactor made in Japan

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