Gora Fire LeviStick


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Fire Levistick

The Gora Fire Levistick (or Flow Stick) is an adaptation of the Dancing Cane, a classic magic trick possibly dating back to as early as the1800’s. The adaptation of the dancing cane to be used as a fire prop is fairly recent, maybe in the last 5 years. The name Levistick is also a new term which has surfaced in the last 5 years or so, as far as I know. Flow Stick maybe the last year or two. I think the name of this prop should be Fire Dancing Cane, so the name represents its historical roots.

This stick has a solid 7074 aluminum rod with an ultra thin and high strength steel wire that becomes invisible from distance with an appropriate background. This toy is perfect for a sophisticated fire show that relies on individual performance. It weighs 135 grams. This stick is much more durable and heavy duty than our other fire levisticks, coming at the cost of a heavier weight.

total length 70 cm
weight 135 grams
solid aluminum rod 1cm
kevlar blended wick 2.2cm X 2.8cm
middle silicone tube, wire rope 48 cm long
Gora, handmade in Hungry

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