Gora Full Length Fire LeviStick

Full length LeviStick
Full length LeviStick

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Full length LeviStick
Full length LeviStick

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Full Fire Levistick

The Gora Fire Levistick (or Flow Stick) is an adaptation of the Dancing Cane, a classic magic trick possibly dating back to as early as the1800’s. The adaptation of the dancing cane to be used as a fire prop is fairly recent, maybe in the last 5 years. The name Levistick is also a new term which has surfaced in the last 5 years or so, as far as I know. Flow Stick maybe the last year or two. I think the name of this prop should be Fire Dancing Cane, so the name represents its historical roots.

This stick has a solid 7074 aluminum rod with an ultra thin and high strength steel wire that becomes invisible from distance with an appropriate background. This toy is perfect for a sophisticated fire show that relies on individual performance. It weighs 161 grams. This stick is heavy duty and makes a beautiful flame. Burn time is about 4 minutes. The full length (other than the very center) is covered in kevlar.

  • Use lower heat level liquids like paraffin, lamp oil or barbecue oil.
  • Do not use white gas, benzene or gasoline

total length 27.5 inches
weight 161 grams
solid aluminum rod, with wick, 5/8 inch diameter
kevlar blended wick
wire rope 18 inches long
Gora, handmade in Hungry

by C. Cruz on 12/03/19

For better floating movement this prop would be better if one end was weighted heavier like most Levis are. Comes evenly weighted so it does not move like a Levi wand, spins more like poi. Also would be nice if it had an o ring or some type of handle on the metal string for easier handling like most levis. Since it is just a long metal string/cord I have to wear gloves so it won't dig into or cut my skin. I am having to make modifications to the prop after purchase to make it more useable as levi instead of a flying rotating stick poi.

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