Gora Folding Fire Fans

fire dancing equipment
fire dancing equipment

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fire dancing equipment
fire dancing equipment

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Folding Fire Fan

This is an excellent folding fire fan. Strong, comfortable and produces big flames. It is made of aluminum spokes covered with silicone tubes at the base (for hand comfort) with 100% kevlar wicks.The fan has one spoke longer than the others to help with opening and closing of the fan. The weight of a single fan is 350 grams The Gora fire fan is a beautiful prop for a dancer, who wants to enchant their audience. Do not hold them downwards they have big flames.

Folding Fire Fan height 17.7 inch (45cm) width open 32.5 inch (83cm)
weight 350 grams
kevlar wick size 2 inch X 1.5 inch
spin aluminum 1/2 inch x 1/8 inch
made in Hungry by Gora

Use lamp oil or white gas. Lamp oil burns at a much lower temperature.
Always shake out excess fuel before you light up.
Have adequate safety personnel and procedures in place before lighting.

by K. McMahon on 06/29/22

A few of my friends have these fans and I love them. Also can’t beat the price! Shipping was fast and they were packaged well

by osk T. on 07/09/22

The leather is a bit in the way of flipping then back together but otherwise they are perfect

by Alycia D. on 07/18/22

A few of my friends have these, so I decided to get some as well. These fans are so great, they’re pretty “light weight” considering how much material is needed to make them. They’re a lot of fire, so for someone using these for the first time, you might want to wear some gloves. They get pretty hot. But they sure are beautiful!

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